Latest News - #Atomic icebreaker "Leader"

"The new owner of the North": why the West can push Russia in the Arctic

Heavy-duty nuclear power plant, the ability to overcome the four-meter ice, and unparalleled speed — in the seaside town of Big Stone at the shipyard "Zvezda" started to build the world's largest nuclear icebreaker of project Leader. Recently I took the first cutting of metal for the hull. As the new icebreaker will strengthen the position of Russia in the Arctic — in the material RIA Novosti.

To 2033-mu needs to build three nuclear-powered. The first will be ready for operation by 2027. The cost is estimated at 130 billion rubles. According to the developers, a new class of icebreakers is unique in the world and has excellent technical characteristics, which allows year-round to conduct the caravans through the ice of the Arctic.