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The Governor of Georgia introduced a state of emergency and activated the national guard because of the riots

The Governor of the state of Georgia in the United States Brian Kemp on Monday declared a state of emergency in the city of Atlanta, which does not stop riots.

"Today the Governor Kemp issued a decree which declares a state of emergency throughout Georgia and authorizes the entry of up to 1,000 National guard troops of Georgia," - said in a statement on the website of the Governor.

Atlanta police did not respond to calls after charges

Officers of the Atlanta police did not respond to calls in three of the six areas of the police Department a few hours after ex-COP Garrett Rolf, the suspect in the murder of African-American Rashard Brooks was charged, according to CNN, citing several sources in the police Department of Atlanta.

According to the channel, "unusually many" officers who worked the night shift, said she was sick.

Trump commented on the the death of African American Brooks in Atlanta

US President, Donald trump declared that the arrest and death of African-American Rashard Brooks in Atlanta over "very bad", and advised not to resist the police.

In Atlanta the protests began because of the death on Friday of African-American Rashard Brooks with the arrest by the police. Brooks, who in a drunken state slept in the Parking lot of the fast food restaurant, was detained by the police, but began to resist, pulled out a COP's Taser and tried to escape. Police officer Garrett, Rolf opened fire. Brooks died in the hospital. Prosecutors accuse Rolf, who had previously dismissed from the police force, on 11 counts, including murder.

Ex-police officer in murder case Brooks could face the death penalty

Ex-COP Garrett Rolf, the suspect in the murder of African-American Rashard Brooks, will face 11 charges, one of which is murder with punishment from life imprisonment to the death penalty, said on Wednesday reporters the Fulton County district attorney Paul Howard.

Broadcast from the courtroom led of the Fox News channel.

In Atlanta announced the reform of police after the death of African American Brooks

The mayor of Atlanta keisha lance bottoms announced the reform of city police, including in relation to the use of lethal force and de-escalation of the conflict, she declared Monday at a press conference.

"The police should be protectors, not fighters," said the mayor, expressing condolences to the family of the deceased during the arrest of African-American Rashard Brooks.

The family of the deceased in Atlanta African Americans called for changes in society

The relatives of the murdered police in Atlanta African-American Rashard Brooks called for changes in society, which would not be allowed to repeat such incidents.

"We are in grief but in anger. When will it stop? We ask not only for justice, we ask for changes," - said on behalf of the family on the air local TV channels niece Brooks Cassidy Evans. At the press conference was attended by a large group of relatives of the deceased.

The victim's wife in Atlanta, African-American called his death unjustified

The wife of the deceased in Atlanta African-American Rashard Brooks wants involved in his arrest, police went to jail, reports CBS TV channel.

Tomika Miller said he believes the murder of her husband no longer justified, since he posed no threat.

In Atlanta, two people were killed in firing during protests

Two people were killed and five wounded in the shooting incident in Atlanta in the U.S. state of Georgia, informs television channel Fox with reference to the police.

According to police, unknown persons opened fire from a car near Edgewood in East Atlanta around 6 PM on Saturday. Two people were killed, five were wounded and were taken to the hospital in serious condition, say police. There is an investigation of the incident.

In Atlanta, about 36 people were detained amid protests

At least 36 people detained in Atlanta amid protests that erupted after the death of African-American Rashard Brooks, who received a gunshot wound from police, according to the StarTribune, with reference to the representative of the local police.

On Saturday in Atlanta the protests began due to the fact that the 27-year-old African American Rashard Brooks died, after the arrest on Friday was shot by police. As reported by the police, the police on Friday evening got a call from the complaints that the car in which slept the man, blocked part of the playgrounds at fast food restaurant Wendy's. They found that Brooks was drunk, and tried to detain him, but he grabbed one of the officers Taser and tried to escape. A police officer shot the man, Brooks died in a hospital after surgery. The chief of police of Atlanta Eric shields after the incident has resigned. The gunman police officer was fired and another officer involved in the arrest, Brooks was suspended from field work.

Atlanta police officer fired, fatally wounding African American

The leadership of the police of the city of Atlanta (us state of Georgia) has fired a police officer who on Friday during the arrest fatally shot African-American Rashard Brooks, told the Guardian referring to the representative of police.

The TV station notes that one police officer involved in the arrest of Brooks, was removed from operational work.

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