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Greece 1 Aug will open six ports for cruise ships

Cruise ships from August 1 will be able to visit six ports of Greece, official notice of tourism Minister Haris theoharis sent to the International Association of cruise lines (CLIA) and the three largest companies in this sector that operate in Greece (MSC Cruises, Costa, TUI Cruises). This was announced by the Greek tourist organisation GNTO.

"The Minister of tourism officially announced that since August 1, 2020 cruise ships allowed to visit six ports when entering Greece. In particular, the ports of Piraeus, Rhodes, Heraklion, Volos, Corfu and Katakolo. After the first mooring cruise liners will be able to go to any other Greek port included in the route. Theoharis explained that this mode will only change in case of new epidemiological conditions," said the organization.

Greek newspaper reported attack on journalist

Unknown in Athens fired a yellow journalist of the newspaper "Makeli" ("Massacre") Stefanos of Chios, he was hospitalized with a wound in the neck and chest, according to the newspaper.

Newspaper "Makeli" is considered scandalous, it is often accused of spreading false news.

The Greek authorities were not informed about the verdict of the two Russians

Official notice court of the Greek authorities on sentencing two Russians on charges of smuggling migrants to the Russian Embassy in Athens reported, according to RIA Novosti in the Embassy.

According to human rights organizations, the Russian sailors Konstantin Semenov and Ivan Vosmikova in Greece sentenced to 253 years in prison each for transporting illegal migrants.

In Greece, two Russian sailors were given for 253 years in prison

. In Greece, two sailors from Russia was sentenced to 253 years in prison for transporting illegal migrants and human trafficking. About it RBC have informed the Vice-President of the Russian branch of the International Committee for the protection of human rights Ivan Melnikov.

According to him, for every illegal immigrant they have received from seven to 12 years in prison. Punishment added time for other crimes.

Greece will resume flights to Sweden

Greece will resume direct flights to Sweden from 20 July – two days earlier than planned in connection with the improvement of the epidemiological situation, said government spokesman Stelios Petsas at a briefing on Thursday.

"As epidemiological indicators in Sweden improves, the flights will be allowed from July 20 instead of July 22 as previously reported," said Petsas.

Greece open borders for Sweden from July 22

Direct flights from Sweden to Greece will resume July 22 with the end of July depending on the epidemiological situation may resume direct flights from the United States and several countries that are not members of the EU, said government spokesman of Greece Stelios Petsas at the briefing.

Greece from 1 July resumed direct flights to most EU countries, have earned the airports on all the Greek Islands. The list does not included the number of countries, including Sweden, whose authorities have expressed dissatisfaction with the decision of Athens and urged its tourists to think whether to go on holiday to Greece.

In Greece, a police officer prevented my colleagues to arrest the anarchist

The Greek police stopped to arrest the rioter who attacked police in Athens, said a trade Union for employees of the national guard and police. Information was confirmed by the Minister of public order Michalis Chrisochoidis.

On Thursday evening in the centre of Athens riots, about 200 people in hoods, hiding faces, pelted police with stones and Molotov cocktails, police responded with tear gas. Disorder erupted during a demonstration against the adoption of the law on the regulation of street meetings, they lasted about 15 minutes.

In Athens, riots took place because of the draft restrictions of the rallies

Riots took place in front of the Greek Parliament in Central Athens during the discussion of the bill on the limitation of meetings, reports of the Greek public television ERT.

It is noted that near Syntagma square a group of about 150 people began throwing Molotov cocktails, stones and bottles, police responded with tear gas. The riots continued for about 15 minutes.

In Greece propose to do in the house of Ataturk in Thessaloniki Museum of genocide

The situation around the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul is a matter of bilateral relations of Greece and Turkey, and Athens should give a harsh response that will realize in Ankara, said the representative for the print party of the parliamentary party of the "Greek solution" Thanassis Mylonas.

According to him, the position of the party is to turn the house-Museum of the founder of the Turkish state Kemal Ataturk in Thessaloniki, in the Museum of the genocide of the Pontic Greeks.

Russia's Ambassador and Deputy foreign Minister of Greece to discuss bilateral cooperation

First Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of Greece Miltiadis Varvitsiotis met on Tuesday with Russian Ambassador to Athens Andrey Maslov and discussed with him issues of cooperation, said the Secretary's office.

Varvitsiotis informed the Russian Ambassador on the Greek presidency of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe (Committee of Ministers), and events planned for November in Athens in connection with the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the signing of the European Convention on human rights.

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