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US Department of energy has recognized the increase in LNG exports

Low demand and gas prices in Europe and Asia that make the economy the supply of liquefied natural gas (LNG) from the United States ineffective, buyers refused 110 year supply of LNG, follows from the monthly short-term forecast of the energy information administration of U.S. Department of energy (EIA).

"Mild winters and restrictive measures related to COVID-19, led to the decline in world demand for natural gas and increase its reserves in Europe and Asia, which reduced the need for import of LNG. Low spot prices for natural gas and LNG in Europe and Asia have reduced the economic viability of LNG exports from the United States, which is extremely price sensitive," - said in the forecast.

In France mortality from COVID more among immigrants from Africa and Asia

The number of deaths in France has increased significantly in the epidemic of the coronavirus, but changes not uniform - the most significant increase observed among the natives of Africa and Asia, according to a report from the National Institute of statistics and economic studies of France (Insee).

It is noted that the most significant increase observed for natives of Africa, 54% for immigrants from the Maghreb, 114% for those born in other African countries

The expert commented on the U.S. withdrawal from the INF Treaty

US withdrawal from the Treaty on the elimination of intermediate and shorter-range missiles (INF Treaty) gave himself a free hand against China and the deployment of missiles in Asia, according to the Deputy Director of the Center for comprehensive European and international studies, faculty of world economy and international Affairs NRU HSE, member of the RIAC (Russian international Affairs Council) Dmitry Suslov.

Earlier, the Deputy Minister of defence of the Russian Federation Alexander Fomin said that Russia does not consider China's activities in the missile field as a security threat and reason for the destruction of the INF Treaty. Also, according to him, the statements of former adviser to the US President for homeland security John Bolton on the increasing threats from China are commonplace misrepresentation of the facts.

Egypt took the first Ukrainian tourists

Egypt adopted the first international touristic flight after a three-month break caused by a coronavirus pandemic, according to Arab News.

AMR Hanafi, the Governor of Red sea province, said that 166 1 Jul arrived at the airport of Hurghada from Ukraine. He stressed that from the moment of landing, and to arrive at the accommodation for them was provided with all security measures.

The ILO predicted a significant increase in the number of unemployed by the end of the year

The number of people who have lost their jobs because of the pandemic, COVID-19 by the end of 2020 significantly exceeds earlier projections and may reach 400 million, said in published on Tuesday a new report by the International labour organization.

At the end of April experts of the ILO said that more than 300 million people will lose their jobs and 1.6 billion people will lose livelihoods due to quarantine measures in connection with COVID-19.

Iraqi analyst commented on the article Putin about the Second world war

Article of Russian President Vladimir Putin about the Second world war is a kind of road map to develop responses to the challenges facing the international community in the field of international relations and in the sphere of economy and security, told RIA Novosti the Iraqi analyst and columnist, PhD Falah Ismail Hakim.

The website of the Kremlin and "Russian newspaper" published an article on Friday, the Russian President called "75 years of Victory: a shared responsibility before history and the future". Putin in the article in particular, called irresponsible calls to abolish the right of veto of the permanent members of the UN security Council. The Russian leader also wrote that the UN system is experiencing some difficulties in the work and not as effective, but performs its main functions - the prevention of wars and global conflicts.

Named unusual primary symptom coronavirus

. Canadian scientists have suggested that one of the first symptoms of infection by the coronavirus can be inflammation of the mucous membrane of the eye.

Conjunctivitis is an inflammation of the thin transparent tissue covering the eye and the posterior surface of the eyelids. It is due to eye dirt, bacteria or viruses.

The new owner of trump was found in an unexpected place

The internal enemies of Donald trump preparing a trap for him in case of his victory in the November presidential elections: instead of accusations of treason and cooperation with the Kremlin, that is, the hackneyed and deeply discredited the "Regata", he may prepare a new charge, this time associated with China. On the basis of information which is distributed now by the U.S. Agency of business information Bloomberg, we can assume that trump will be declared a "Chinese candidate" who wittingly or unwittingly help Beijing in the fight with Washington.

"Interviews with nine current and former officials in China indicate a change in sentiment in favor of the incumbent President (of the United States. — Approx. ed.), despite the fact that he spent most of the last four years, accusing Beijing in everything from trade imbalances to the US (of the epidemic. — Approx. ed.) Covid-19. The main reason? The belief that profits from the erosion of the American post-war network of alliances outweigh any damage (inflicted. — Approx. ed.) to China and ongoing trade disputes and geopolitical instability."

In Panama, has identified a new subspecies of the virus that causes COVID-19

Scientists Panamanian Institute of health announced that the mutation was imported from five countries strains of coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, which causes the disease COVID-19, in the country, a new typical subspecies, which is assigned the name A2 PAN.

The position of Panama and its function as a regional transport hub has promoted the simultaneous penetration of the virus from different regions of the world.

Singapore and the EU warn USA: "don't give us ultimatums"

The meaning of the two stocks at a high level that occurred in the opposite points of the Eurasian continent, is surprisingly the same: don't put us before a choice "or the United States or China" — will communicate with both parties. I want to believe that this position will determine the main axis of international relations in the years ahead.

We are talking about the article Prime Minister of Singapore Lee Hsien Moon in the American journal Foreign Affairs last week. And on the outcome of the just concluded tenth round of Sino-European strategic dialogue. In both cases, we're not talking about some formal documents: the dialogue was, for the present time fashion, using video and article — it is an article, a personal opinion of one person.

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