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The bodies of the children reported missing in the fall, found in the river in Ufa

The bodies of two children who disappeared last fall, was found in the river in Ufa, the search for their father continues, according to the website of the RF IC.

The search for 37-year-old residents Artem Mazova, who, after a quarrel with his wife took the sons of eight and five years, and disappeared, conducted from 26 October 2019. A statement about their disappearance to the police brought the 34-year-old mother of children and wife of the missing men. On the second day of searching in a forest in the Kalinin district of Ufa was discovered the car, which left a man with children. After that, the source RIA Novosti reported that the consequence considers various versions of the disappearance of men and children, including not exclude the possibility that the father might have drowned sons in the river. The search involved divers, daily exploring the river Ufimka and White. At the end of October last year, the search for water was suspended.