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A police officer rescued a little puppy from a pack of large dogs

During a patrol near the railroad tracks employee of the patrol police Sergeant Artem city Paul Mazur heard a plaintive squeal. It turned out that a pack of large dogs attacked a defenseless little puppy. Without hesitation, Paul hurried to help, having driven away the attackers.

The puppy suffered serious injuries. Having given first aid, the police officer brought the animal to a veterinary clinic, the press service of the interior Ministry.

The city Fokino, Artem in Primorye partially left without electricity due to rains

The city Fokino, Artem in Primorye on Friday has partially left without electricity due to bad weather, told RIA Novosti press-Secretary of "Primorsk electrical networks" Tatyana Kravchenko.

Protracted rains in Primorye, on Saturday evening, June 20. On Friday, the precipitation is increased. Forecasters has circulated a storm warning because of heavy rains in Primorye on June 26-27. In Vladivostok, there have been frequent flooding of the roads, one area came selle.

Primorye, lying in the bowl of Eternal fire, check on the adequacy

Resident, who was lying in the bowl of the Eternal flame in the city of Artem, sent for psychological and psychiatric examination, reported RIA Novosti senior assistant head of SUCK for the Primorsky Krai Aurora Roman.

Earlier in social networks there was a video that caused a stir in Primorye: in the bowl of the Eternal flame memorial to the fallen in the great Patriotic war in Artyom, lounging casually, is a man, his feet the star in the center of the bowl. Testing began in the UK and the police found the suspect, they found 25-year-old local resident, he confessed.

In Primorye, the video surveillance system will monitor the observance of mask mode

Intelligent video surveillance system will search for violators of social distance and mask mode in the six municipalities of Primorye June 1, according to the government of the region.

The video surveillance system covers more than 230 objects in Vladivostok, Nakhodka, Ussuriysk, Artyom, Arsenyev and a Large Stone. Is to monitor places of a mass congestion of people: parks, markets, squares, public transport, shopping centres, sports grounds, educational institutions and so on. Involved only 500 of the cameras, authorities in the region.