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"Secret patrons": what is hides the main temple of the Armed forces

Resurrection Cathedral or the main temple of the Russian Armed forces was opened to public access the Day of memory and grief – June 22. The RIA Novosti correspondent visited the Cathedral together with the head of the arts Council for the construction of Archpriest Leonid Kalinin, and found the meaning of the symbolism of the Cathedral as the main temple of the Armed forces can reconcile believers and atheists.

Entering the temple-meets-huge – gold – the figure of "Christ is Risen" against the blue-black sky. "Night, only that the risen Christ over the city of Jerusalem, with one hand bless us, and the other holds a sealed scroll, in which the mystery of the next century," Leonid Kalinin, who also heads the expert Council of the Russian Orthodox Church on Church art, architecture and restoration.

In the Moscow Cathedral mosque prayed for the soldiers fallen for the Fatherland

About soldiers of all faiths and nationalities who gave their lives for their country, prayed on Sunday at the Moscow Cathedral mosque.

Earlier on Sunday in the capital's Epiphany Cathedral in Yelokhovo officiated a memorial service for the fallen in the Great Patriotic war, and lit a symbolic "Candle of memory". Later a candle was brought to the Moscow Cathedral mosque.

Why the Orthodox Church blesses the military, including in Ukraine?

There is a practice of blessing the new recruits, including the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. But those guys can be sent anywhere, including to the East of the country, in the Donbass. So, the Church blesses this war? And if the soldiers of the Ukrainian army in the Donbass to be on the opposite side of the front with the same soldiers, who also previously blessed to defend the Homeland? Boris, Moscow, 30 years.