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In the Arkhangelsk region have extended the restrictive measures

Authorities in Arkhangelsk region have extended the restrictive measures associated with coronavirus, until July 28, inclusive, said Oberstar region.

"In the Arkhangelsk region restrictions extended to July 28, inclusive," - said in the message.

Protection of the journalist Prokopieva challenged the verdict

. Protection sentenced to half a million fine Pskov journalist Svetlana Prokopieva, recognized guilty in the public justification of terrorism, appealed against the decision of the court, told RIA Novosti lawyer Vitaly Cherkasov.

Before the Second Western district military court found guilty Prokopieva article public justification of terrorism through the media and imposed a fine of 500 thousand rubles.

The court recognized the diploma of the Chairman of the Arkhangelsk city Duma invalid

Lomonosovskiy district court of Arkhangelsk quashed the diploma of higher education Chairman of the city Duma Valentina cheeses, finding that she had not filed for admission to the University a certificate of complete secondary education, the report said the court.

It is noted that the court considered civil case on the claim of Deputy Prosecutor of the city to the Northern (Arctic) Federal University named after M. V. Lomonosov and Valentina cheeses on the recognition of orders and the diploma of higher vocational education void and the decision of the state attestation Commission illegal, and also about compulsion to eliminate the record of the issuance of a diploma, destroy the certificate and publish the decision in the media.

In St. Petersburg detained the man, justifying the attack from the case Prokopieva

A man who justified the terrorist attack that took place in October 2018 in the Arkhangelsk region, were detained in St. Petersburg, according to the Central Board of the RF IC in the city.

According to investigators, the Petersburger born in 1997 from November 2018 to October 2019 was placed in social networks "Vkontakte" materials that justify and encourage terrorist actions in the Arkhangelsk region. According to investigators, he recognized the "right and in need of support and the imitation of the ideology and practice of terrorism." He was charged under article "public appeals to implementation of terrorist activities, public justification of terrorism or promotion of terrorism."

In the Arkhangelsk region reduced the number of restrictions on the coronavirus

Authorities in Arkhangelsk region made a decision on the introduction of a number of exemptions associated with the spread of the coronavirus, including from July 7 to the restriction on the entry and exit from Severodvinsk , said Oberstar region.

As reported in the headquarters, the incidence of COVID-19 in the region is 587,59 per 100 thousand population. In total, the largest number of cases registered in Severodvinsk – 2736, Arkhangelsk – 2371, Novodvinsk – 247, seaside area – 240, in Kotlas and the Kotlas district – 165. In addition, in recent years has improved the situation in town-forming enterprises, the share of available hospital beds is 75.1% of the total number in operation. It is possible to introduce a number of concessions.

The EU called the sentence the journalist Prokopieva unjustified

The European Union considers the sentence unjustified Pskov journalist Svetlana Prokopieva in the form of a fine of 500 thousand rubles for public justification of terrorism, said in a written statement foreign service of the EU.

"She was ordered to pay a significant fine, which we feel is unjustified", - the document says.

Cjr was supported by the journalist from Pskov, accused of justifying terrorism

The Union of journalists of Russia, in favour of a journalist from Pskov Svetlana Prokopieva, accused of justifying terrorism, told RIA Novosti the head of the Russian Union of journalists Vladimir Solovyov.

Earlier, the Prosecutor in the Second meeting of the Western military district court has requested for Prokopieva a sentence of six years in a General regime colony and a ban on exercising the profession for a period of four years..

The Prosecutor asked for six years for the Pskov journalist Prokopieva

. The Prosecutor asked for the accused to justify terrorism Pskov journalist Svetlana Prokopieva a sentence of six years in a General regime colony, reports of the trial, the correspondent of RIA Novosti.

"Recognize Prokopieva guilty in the public justification of terrorism and sentenced to 6 years imprisonment in a penal colony with deprivation of the right to engage in professional activities 4 years", - said the Prosecutor, speaking in the debate at the Second meeting of the Western military district court.

The inhabitant of Arkhangelsk will be tried for the murder of the mother of six children

Investigators in the Arkhangelsk region completed the investigation of the murder of the mother of six children in cafes of Arkhangelsk, where accused previously convicted 26-year-old resident of the city, after killing stole money and goods for 21 thousand rubles, reported the press service of the regional Prosecutor's office.

The murder of mother of accused 26-year-old Oleg Yaropolova, he was also charged with robbery. The investigators found that on the night of 22 October last year, Yaropolov, being in an alcohol intoxication, came to the cafe "24 Hours" in Arkhangelsk.

The author expertise in the case of the journalist from Pskov explained the court's decision

Director of the center for psychological support of OOO "Consortium" and is the author of linguistic examination in the case of the accused of justifying terrorism Pskov journalist Svetlana Prokopieva Olga Acacus told RIA Novosti, why the court, in its opinion, rejected the petition of protection about excluding examination from the list of evidence in the case. According to her, the CPC regulations were not violated, and the second expert has the appropriate competences.

As reported RIA Novosti, the lawyer Prokopieva Vitaly Cherkasov, the defense sought to exclude from the list of evidence prepared with the participation of Khakass state University named Katanov complex psycho-linguistic expertise, which was used by the prosecution as evidence, but the court denied the motion.

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