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In Argentina the number of people infected with coronavirus has exceeded 100 thousand

The number of people infected with coronavirus in Argentina exceeded $ 100 thousand, reported the Ministry of health of the country.

"Today, there were 2 657 cases of coronavirus, and the total number of infected is 100, 166", - stated in the message.

In Argentina demonstrations against quarantine

Demonstrations against quarantine and criticizing the actions of the authorities were held in many regions of Argentina, according to TV channel TN.

The largest protests were in Buenos Aires, despite a strict regime of isolation. The capital of the country is quarantined to 112 days. Unlike many other regions where the business already beginning a gradual recovery, in Buenos Aires, after a brief period of relief, most of the entrepreneurs were again forbidden to work.

In Argentina for the treatment of coronavirus using the "helmet of the astronauts"

Argentine doctors use oxygen helmet, like that worn by astronauts or divers, for the treatment of patients with COVID-19, said Dr. Guillermo Montiel, who oversees the Department of noninvasive support of the hospital fernández in Buenos Aires.

"We practiced this technology since the end of March, early April we had a meeting with the Minister of health of the capital Fernand Quiros, and now we are applying this technology because it showed good results," he told the TV station TN.

The Prosecutor's office of Bolivia demands the arrest of ex-President Morales

The anti-corruption Commission Prosecutor's office of Bolivia has accused the former President of the country Evo Morales, in Argentina, in terrorism and demanded his arrest, the statements of the Department.

According to prosecutors, Morales made contact with Faustino Ukray during your stay in Mexico. Yukra was previously detained by the authorities.

The Argentine government extended the term of negotiations on debt restructuring

The Argentine government made a new proposal to creditors to restructure the debt and extended the period for consideration should be the message of the Ministry of economy of the country.

The creditors quickly consent to the restructuring, will receive more favorable terms and compensation.

In Argentina, more than 200 people voted on the amendments to the Constitution

Over 200 people voted on the amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation in Argentina, told reporters at the Russian Embassy in a Latin American country.

The diplomatic mission has created electoral Commission, at the site attended by observers.

In Buenos Aires tightened quarantine

The Argentine government cancelled all concessions, put in Buenos Aires and the Metropolitan area against the background of the pandemic coronavirus – residents again will have to be in mandatory isolation with the right to secede only for the most necessary, and the quarantine will be extended until July 17, according to the President of the country Alberto Fernandez.

"Let's go back to the closing movement for the Metropolitan area. We agreed that public transport from 00.00 Monday to serve only citizens employed in sensitive sectors of the economy. From July 1 will do more hard step is going to ask citizens to remain in their homes and to only go for things that are necessary for life. This measure will operate in Buenos Aires and suburbs to 17 July", - he said in the address.

The new government of Bolivia will commence duties in October or November

The new government of Bolivia after the elections, will assume his duties in October-November, said the Supreme electoral court.

According to the published calendar of the election campaign, the presidential election, as decided earlier, will be held on 6 September. Preliminary voting results will be published on the same day and the final on September 29.

Experts assessed the situation with coronavirus in Latin America

The number of victims of coronavirus infection in Latin America to October will exceed 388 thousand, predicts the Institute for health metrics and evaluation at the University of Washington.

According to published on the University website the forecast, by 1 October the number of deaths from COVID-19 will reach 300 388. Most deaths are projected in Brazil and Mexico, 166 and 88 thousand, respectively. In Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala and Peru, the number of victims, according to the University, may exceed 10 thousand, while in 15 countries, including Paraguay, Uruguay, Belize is expected to at least thousands of deaths.

Media: in Buenos Aires the car crashed into the building of the Embassy of China

The young man crashed his car into the building of the Chinese Embassy in Buenos Aires, he was detained, according to the newspaper Perfil, citing sources.

He admitted that he tried to break the gate to enter the territory of Embassy and demanded presence of the bomb squad. The car was not discovered hazardous substances.

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