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"NATO vulnerable": a Danish journalist said the superweapon Russia

. The North Atlantic Alliance has nothing to oppose Russian hypersonic weapons in the Arctic, says a journalist for the Danish newspaper Berlingske Emile Rottwell.

According to him, the us airbase of Thule and Greenland as a whole "absolutely defenseless" in front of missile systems "Dagger".

Foreign Ministry: Moscow is watching the character of statements of the USA on the Arctic theme

Moscow is closely following the character and thrust of the statements by the United States on Arctic topics, said in an interview with RIA Novosti Ambassador at large of the MFA of Russia Nikolay Korchunov.

"We carefully monitor the nature and direction of the official statements of Washington for the Arctic theme. In General, the administration of Donald trump continues to emphasize the special role of the US in Northern Affairs, imposing their own approaches. It seeks to prevent the growing influence in the region "opponents" and counts with the support of allies to strengthen its position in the issue of development of Northern resources," said Korchunov.

In the Leningrad region laid patrol ship ice class

The keel of the border guard ship I rank "Blizzard" ice class project 23550 "Ermak" was laid at the Vyborg shipyard in Leningrad oblast, the correspondent of RIA Novosti.

"Today, the border service of the FSB Russia, memorable day, is laying the edge of the ship ice navigation. Huge resources of Russia in the Arctic, the Northern sea route, the increased attention of foreign countries to this area of Russia, of course, require us to increase ship groups to ensure that the solution of the tasks of border security. We've been waiting for this day," - said at the ceremony, the head of the Border service of FSB of Russia Vladimir Kulishov.

Rosprirodnadzor intends to calculate garbage and bears in the Arctic

Scientists during aircraft surveys of polar bears in the Arctic are also going to fix the garbage and "junk spot" in the sea, said the head of Rosprirodnadzora Svetlana Radionova.

"We get an understanding of the type of environment where he lives (the polar bear - ed.). We simultaneously calculate, I'm the representative of the controlling Agency - we simultaneously calculate the objects that I call landfills dumps or landfills that prevent this predator," said Radionova on Tuesday during the round table in MIA "Russia today".

The Arctic will create a program to support indigenous peoples

Programme in support of indigenous peoples of the North (kmns) will be created Minvostokrazvitiya in the framework of the strategy of Arctic development, the Ministry will create a body with the participation of indigenous peoples, said at a press conference on the development of the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation Minister for development of the Far East and the Arctic region Alexander Kozlov.

"When a Ministry is created a specific organ, which will include including our indigenous communities, this Council defined that will participate in this work. From each region (representatives of) will be part of, and we will work together and see everything that is happening in the Arctic and supporting each other," said Kozlov.

Trutnev spoke about the funding of the state program for the Arctic

The volume of financing of the state program on Arctic development up to 2024 will be about 57 billion rubles, said at a press conference on the development of the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation Deputy Prime Minister - Plenipotentiary of the RF President in far Eastern Federal district Yuri Trutnev.

"The total amount of 57 billion rubles," - said Trutnev.

The scientists assessed the risk of extinction of polar bears because of global warming

Scientists found out that by 2100 most subpopulations of polar bears in the Arctic are under threat of extinction due to reduction of sea ice caused by global warming. The study is published in the journal Nature Climate Change.

Polar bears Ursus maritimus species use sea ice to hunt with him on seals. In the summer, during the melting of coastal ice animals move on land where they have virtually no food and are funded by accumulated fat. Since the warm season in the Arctic lengthened, and the area of sea ice decreases in response to warming, polar bears each year have to be on the mainland more and more time

Russian schoolchildren have discovered the island on New Earth

Russian schoolchildren have discovered a new island in the Arctic, said Russian geographical society on its website.

Eight members of the project group "Risksat" from Troitsk, Tula, Venev, Dedovsk, Gatchina, St.-Petersburg and Yakutsk made the discovery while processing satellite imagery.

"The new owner of the North": why the West can push Russia in the Arctic

Heavy-duty nuclear power plant, the ability to overcome the four-meter ice, and unparalleled speed — in the seaside town of Big Stone at the shipyard "Zvezda" started to build the world's largest nuclear icebreaker of project Leader. Recently I took the first cutting of metal for the hull. As the new icebreaker will strengthen the position of Russia in the Arctic — in the material RIA Novosti.

To 2033-mu needs to build three nuclear-powered. The first will be ready for operation by 2027. The cost is estimated at 130 billion rubles. According to the developers, a new class of icebreakers is unique in the world and has excellent technical characteristics, which allows year-round to conduct the caravans through the ice of the Arctic.

The latter assessed the pollution of water objects in the Russian Arctic

The main sources of water pollution in 2019 in the Arctic steel enterprises in Norilsk, Monchegorsk and Nickel, oil and gas facilities in the North of European Russia and Western Siberia, pulp and paper mills in Arkhangelsk region and gold mining enterprises of Yakutia, according to a review of the status and environmental pollution in the Russian Federation in 2019, published by Roshydromet.

As specified in the review, a significant contribution to the pollution of surface waters making a compound of Nickel, manganese, copper, molybdenum, iron, dithiophosphate Krasilovka and mercury. Also in 2019 compared to the previous year, the cases of surface water contamination by compounds of manganese (46%), copper (47%), Nickel (29%), and iron compounds decreased by 24%.

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