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Apple has delayed the release of the new iPhone

American Corporation Apple is planning to release new models of iPhone for a few weeks later than usual, reported Bloomberg, citing a statement of the CFO Luka Maestri.

Apple plans to release its next iPhone "a few weeks later" than usual, Maestri said during the conference call after announcement of financial results. Last year the new model was presented at the end of September, respectively, this year their presentation is expected in October.

Telegram filed in EC antitrust complaint on the App Store

The messenger Telegram filed a formal antitrust complaint to the European Commission to Apple about possible violations in the work of the App Store, reported the newspaper Financial Times, citing the complaint.

According to the publication, the complaint States that Apple should "allow users to be able to download the software not only from the App Store."

Media: in Arizona began an investigation because of the slowing down your old iPhone

American Arizona leads the investigation against Apple to find out whether the slowdown in company old iPhone with violation of the legislation on unfair trade practices, reported Reuters, citing caught at his disposal documents.

The Agency notes that we are talking about the investigation, which continues at least October 2018, and involving several States. It is reported that investigators have asked Apple data of "unexpected shutdowns" smartphones and slowing down their work.

Durov named seven iPhone owners cause for concern

The founder of the messenger Telegram Pavel Durov has accused Apple in that it supposedly creates the myths around the App Store and thereby deceiving the users. About this he wrote in his Telegram channel, where he listed seven reasons why the Commission in the Apple App Store should "worry about every iPhone owner".

In particular, he pointed out that a 30 percent Commission for each application, the company increases the value of digital purchases. Moreover, the money consumers have despite the fact that they previously overpaid for the Apple phone "a few hundred dollars more than its cost".

Durov named seven negative factors policy App Store

The founder of the messenger Telegram Pavel Durov published a post in which he listed seven reasons why Apple's policy of developers of applications for users.

So, according to him, a 30-percent Commission company increases the value of all applications and digital purchases to users.

Found a way to hack any iPhone

Built-in vulnerability of the processors of smartphones and tablets allows Apple to circumvent their protection, said the Agency on cyber security Digitpol with reference to the Chinese development team Pangu.

It is noted that the problem is related to processor SEP (Secure Enclave Protection) that are responsible for safeguarding confidential information, including passwords and biometrics.

YouTube commented on the lawsuit Apple co-founder on fraud

The company examines a complaint with YouTube Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, who accused the video service in aiding and abetting the fraud, the company said on Friday.

"As soon as we are considering a complaint we take very seriously the abuse of our platform and quickly take actions when we find violations of our rules, such as cheating or impersonating another person", - reported the company.

Co-founder of Apple has sued YouTube because of the fraudulent video

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak and another 17 people filed a lawsuit in the Supreme court of the state of California against the platform YouTube and owning Google in connection with the service are posted on the video's name is Wozniak used to implement fraudulent schemes through bitcoin, the text of the claim.

"YouTube is laid out in a constant flow of fraudulent videos and advertising campaigns, which falsely used the pictures and videos of plaintiff Steve Wozniak and other prominent entrepreneurs in the technology sector, and that trick YouTube users for millions of dollars", - stated in the text of the claim.

In the United States are investigating alleged consumer fraud by the Apple

Texas and some U.S. States conduct a preliminary investigation into alleged deception on the part of Apple, according to Axios, citing Texas attorney General's office.

In a document dated March 27, the attorney General of Texas Ken Paxton writes that the division of consumer protection of his office "initiated this investigation in order to ensure compliance of the law -- in case of discovery abuse, the division will begin the judicial process."

The United States announced a 25 percent duties on products from France

USA announced the introduction of a 25 percent duty on goods from France with a volume of $ 1.3 billion over a digital tax, reports AFP.

As reported by the United States trade representative, digital tax is unfair to American companies that engage with digital technologies. However, the US tariff will not take effect until January 6, 2021, as the negotiations continue.

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