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In Kronstadt was opened the alley of heroes of the Russian Navy

The alley of heroes of the Russian Navy officially opened in Kronstadt in the first phase of the Museum and historical Park "Island FORTS", the correspondent of RIA Novosti.

"Today is a big national holiday - Day of the Navy. It is important to start something new - opening the alley of heroes - this project needs to develop and be on a level that in 300 years all those who organized this Park, remembered as Peter the great who founded the Russian Navy," - said at the opening of the first Deputy defense Minister Ruslan Tsalikov.

The media reported the first leak of methane from the seabed of the Antarctic

Scientists reported the discovery of the first active methane leaks from the seabed of the Antarctic, reports the Guardian newspaper.

According to her, scientists also found that the microbes that eat methane before it goes into the atmosphere, appeared on the location of the release of gas only five years after its discovery.

Scientists have discovered a new continent emerging in the Indian ocean

French and Australian geologists have studied the composition of the rock Islands in the southern Indian ocean, and found that here is the formation of "embryonic continent." The study is published in the journal Terra Nova.

It is believed that the continental crust is built up on the borders of continents and oceans, in the so-called subduction zones, where oceanic lithospheric plates plunge into the mantle under the continent. When they are melted and mixed with the material of the base of the continental plates, granite is formed when magma rises and forms the upper, the "granite" layer of the continents.

Scientists have uncovered the mystery of "ball" from Antarctica

An international group of scientists found that the mysterious fossil in the shape of a deflated ball, discovered in 2011 in Antarctica, is the egg, deferred millions of years ago giant sea reptile. The researchers ' findings published in the journal Nature.

After examining the fossil with the help of microscopes, experts have discovered several layers of membrane, which confirmed the conjecture that it was an egg with a soft shell. Experts also found that the age of the fossil is about 66 million years.

The United States wanted to build a fleet of icebreakers

The President of the United States Donald trump ordered to develop a program for the construction of icebreakers for the Arctic and Antarctic.

"The United States will develop and implement a programme of procurement of the icebreaker fleet (to ensure) Arctic security, which will support our national interests in the Arctic and Antarctic", — stated in the Memorandum of the President, directed members of his administration.

Named the place with the cleanest air on Earth

Researchers from the University of Colorado (USA) and Australian colleagues have identified the region with the cleanest air on the planet. The work of scientists published in the journal Proceedings of the Natural Academy of Sciences (PNAS).

Due to human activities on Land are almost no places with a "pristine" environment. Scientists have suggested that the clean air can be detected over the so-called Southern ocean – a collection of Pacific, Atlantic and Indian oceans surrounding Antarctica. These places, according to the authors of the study, almost did not felt the influence of aerosol pollution and dust from the continents.

Sailboat "Pallada" arrived in Vladivostok after a trip around the world

Russian sailing ship "Pallada" was solemnly greeted at the pier in the center of Vladivostok: the frigate arrived home from the circumnavigation, the correspondent of RIA Novosti from the ceremony.

Three of the sailboat of the Agency - "Sedov", "Pallada" and "Kruzenshtern" - went to the end of 2019 in the first ever joint expedition "Sails of peace", the first of which was dedicated to the 200th anniversary of the discovery of Antarctica, and the second - the 75-th anniversary of victory in the great Patriotic war. Barque "Sedov" and the frigate "Pallada" was published in voyage around the world, and the barque "Kruzenshtern" – in the transatlantic. At the end of April "Pallada" and "Sedov" was found at the entrance to the Strait of Malacca, both of the sailing ship continued the expedition together, moving one route via Singapore to Vladivostok.