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The UN has supported the increase in the supply of humanitarian aid to Syria

The UN is in favour of increasing volumes of cross-border delivery of humanitarian aid to Syria, not the reduction, said at a briefing the official representative of the UN Secretary General Stefan Dyuzharrik.

"We need to get across the border were more of humanitarian aid. We do not need to become less", - said Dujarric, answering the question about whether or not the two border crossings on the border of Syria and Turkey to deliver humanitarian aid to the North-East and North of the SAR.

In Germany, explained why they voted against the Russian resolution on Syria

Germany voted in the UN against the Russian resolution, one preserving the PCC for the delivery of humanitarian aid to Syria, including because of the wording relating to sanctions against Syria, says the statement of the permanent representative of Germany.

Previously, Russia has prepared a draft resolution suggesting to leave only one border crossing instead of the existing two cross-border delivery of humanitarian aid to Syria. The mandate of the border crossings to expire July 10, so for their further functioning of the security Council must adopt a resolution. The Russian option was proposed for six months to extend the work of the checkpoint "Bab-El-Hawa" on the border of Syria and Turkey. Voted for him only 4 States, against 7, abstained 4.

The headquarters of the UN will move to the first phase opening on 20 July

The headquarters of the UN plans on 20 July to move to the first phase of opening in light of the improving situation with coronavirus in new York – the building can be up to 400 people, said in a letter to Secretary-General antónio Guterres employees.

According to him, before to announce the first phase, in the premises of the headquarters will carry out a thorough cleaning.

Nebesa urged the UN Secretary General to appoint a special envoy for Libya

Russia's permanent representative to the UN, Vasily Nebenzia called on the UN Secretary-General antónio Guterres not to delay the appointment of a new special representative for Libya.

According to the Ambassador, the situation in Libya is further compounded by the resignation of the former special representative of the UN Secretary General Hassan Salaam. "The place of the special representative of the Secretary General on Libya remained vacant for four months. This situation undermines efforts for a peaceful settlement in Libya," - said Nebenzia at the meeting of the UN security Council.

The UN Secretary General spoke about the creation of a demilitarized zone in Libya

The UN mission to support Libya (UNSMIL) is making efforts to de-escalate in the country, including in order to create a possible demilitarized zone, said at a meeting of the UN security Council, NATO Secretary-General antónio Guterres.

According to him, should be used all the possibilities to overcome the political impasse.

Guterres said of the unprecedented foreign interference in Libya

The level of foreign intervention in the conflict in Libya has reached an unprecedented level, he said at a meeting of the UN security Council, NATO Secretary-General antónio Guterres.

"The conflict has entered a new phase of foreign intervention is reaching unprecedented levels, including the delivery of high-tech equipment and the number of mercenaries involved in the fighting," said Guterres.

Riyadh has called for pressure on Iran from the UN report

Riyadh after a UN report on attacks on oil installations in the country said the international community must exert pressure on Iran, the report said the Saudi Embassy in Russia.

In mid-June, Reuters reported, citing a report by the UN chief Antonio Guterres said that the cruise missiles used in attacks on state oil company Saudi Aramco and the airport in Saudi Arabia to 2019, was "of Iranian origin". The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Iran rejected the report of the UN Secretariat. The official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova said that the evidence of Iranian involvement in the attack on Saudi oil facilities in the UN report no.

The UN has described two scenarios for the world after the pandemic coronavirus

UN chief Antonio Guterres in the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet described two scenarios that await the world after a pandemic coronavirus infection.

The first, "optimistic" means that the country will cope with the current situation. North state develop a successful recovery plan, and developing — will receive assistance. Guterres also expressed hope that a vaccine for the coronavirus appears for nine months and it will be available for all. In his opinion, if the events will develop in this direction, and the economy will recover, the world will begin to move in the direction to two to three years to return to normal.

China gave the UN an instrument of accession to the Treaty on the arms trade

The permanent representative of China to the UN Zhang Jun handed over the UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres the instrument of accession of China to the International Treaty on arms trade (ATT), said the Chinese permanent mission to the organization.

The Treaty will enter into force for China 90 days after the instrument of accession.

IG* is trying to be reborn in Iraq and Syria, said the UN Secretary-General

Islamic state* is continuing its efforts for the revival on the territory of Syria and Iraq, said the UN Secretary-General antónio Guterres, speaking at the high-level conference of the UN under the name "Week of fight against terrorism".

According to him, it is too early to talk about the comprehensive assessment of the impact of the pandemic coronavirus at the situation with terrorism, but in terms of pandemic LIH* al-Qaeda*, their regional branches as well as neo-Nazis, supporters of white supremacist and other groups seek to exploit disputes, local conflicts, failures in governance and the people's discontent to achieve their goals.

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