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Caught in a lie, Anita Tsoy told "his truth" about the coronavirus

Singer Anita Tsoy, which some users caught in a lie about the disease COVID-19, said on instagram "my truth" about past illness.

Previously, a number of subscribers, the singer expressed the opinion that she allegedly lied about infection with coronavirus. The reason for this was the appearance Choi on one of the videos posted from a hospital ward. So, users have noticed that, despite his illness, on the face of the singer was make-up. The artist herself said that can not afford to look bad.

Anita Tsoy has told about the most terrible manifestation of coronavirus

Singer Anita Tsoy in an interview with "Moskovsky Komsomolets" said that was for her the most terrible manifestation of coronavirus infection.

According to the artist, the virus attacks all the systems in turn.

Singer Anita Tsoy has recovered from COVID-19

Singer Anita Tsoy has reported that they have recovered from coronavirus infection.

"Negative analysis! Hurray!!!" - she wrote in her Instagram account on Saturday.

"Not ashamed to lie?" Infected with coronavirus Anita Choi was accused of lying

Users of instagram have suspected the singer Anita Tsoy in a lie about infection with a coronavirus.

The actress posted a video from a hospital ward and told about his health.

Valeria told about the "retarded audience"

Singer Valeria in a telephone conversation with a colleague, Anita Tsoy in the entertaining YouTube show, Comment Out said "moronic audience."

Choi to the "super-round" release got the task to call Valerie and pronounce prepared by the authors show the phrase to hold live instagram and make a challenge. The singer refused, calling one of the proposed challenges "some trash", but admitted that "something to do" with online streams.