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In the US, the bear pulled the curious cub from someone else's house

Family from North Carolina became the witness of how little bear got to their house. Then came to him the mother bear and took the cub with him, reports NDTV.

Sumer Walser Williams wife woke up early in the morning from their home barking dog. It turned out, the dog was excited by the appearance of bears. In a few minutes the couple heard strange noises. They looked out and saw the bear, standing on two legs at the front door.

In USA find elk, caught on video with a car tire on the neck

Service representatives of wildlife conservation in Colorado trying to find an elk with a tire on the neck, reports UPI.

The footage was filmed by a surveillance camera. "We would like to find a pet and save him from this bus," wrote employees in the social network.

The handlers told what not to feed dogs

Proper and balanced diet – the key to good health and longevity of your beloved dog. In Russian kennel Federation (RKF), RIA Novosti said, what foods dangerous for dogs and made recommendations that will help to maintain the health of Pets for many years.

According to him, feed the dog only a specially selected dry food or natural diet with addition of vitamin-mineral complexes, if to consult with your veterinarian. In the first case, the animal will receive all the necessary trace elements from the feed, and the second to compensate for the deficiency with supplements.

In South Africa the leopard has escaped from the reserve and walked around the city

In Pretoria, local residents took video of the leopard, which roamed the city, reports UPI.

Witnesses called the humane society. Arriving officers caught the beast, hiding under cars.

In the United States took video of a bear rolling down the street the trash

In Florida a surveillance camera caught the bear rolling down the street a large trash can, reports UPI.

The author of the video Brett Longo said that he received a signal about the activity next to the house with surveillance cameras. He joined the device and found two black bears in the yard.

Australian giraffe is recognized as the highest in the world

In the Australian zoo live giraffe, caught in the Guinness Book of records as the tallest in the world. His height is five and a half meters, according to Upi.

The family of Bindi Irwin owns a zoo in the city of BILLA, Queensland. In social networks, they announced that their giraffe named Forrest officially recognized as the world's tallest giraffe.

In Alaska, the otter climbed into the boat people to escape from killer whales

Guide John Dornellas shot on video, like a frightened otter escapes from killer whales in a boat with people, reports the Daily Mail.

John conducts boat tours in Alaska. During one of them he took video of the otter fleeing orcas. The frightened animal got on a boat to the people.

In China a camel to go 100 miles in order to reunite with owner

In the region Inner Mongolia, the camel was more than a hundred miles to return to his former owner, according to the Truth Theory.

Former owner's name is Temur, he sold his 20-year-old camel to another shepherd in the fall of 2019. But eight months later the animal had decided to return to her first owner. The camel escaped and traveled more than 100 kilometers through the mountains, steppes and deserts. Temur found on its skin the scars and bruises she got climbing over fences and barriers.

The network has become the viral video of an argument between a lion and a lioness, filmed in India

In India, took video of the altercation and a fight between a lion and a lioness, reports NDTV.

In Gir forest of Gujarat photographer Zubin Ashara took video of the fight Asian lionesses and a lion. The footage shows that wild cats growl at each other in the eyes of tourists standing at a distance. A video posted to a social network, where it became popular.

Study: Russians have increased the interest in buying Pets

The Russians in the second quarter of 2020 has increased the interest in purchasing domestic animals, and cats citizens interested in active than dogs, according to the RIA news service for posting ads to "Craigslist".

If still in service, cost, and cats, and dogs increased. So, dogs in April-June were worth 12% more than in the first quarter, and 20% more than a year ago. The average purchase of dogs at the site can cost 12,4 thousand roubles.

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