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In the PMC explained the new recognition of the murder of "Angarsk maniac"

Sentenced to life imprisonment "Angarsk maniac" Mikhail Popkov, confessed in two murders of women to go in "vacation" from the colony of Mordovia on investigations in the Irkutsk region, told RIA news the Chairman of the Public Supervisory Commission of the Republic of Mordovia Valery Krutov.

On Monday a press-service SK of the Russian Federation for the Irkutsk region reported that Popkov gave a confession to the murders of two women committed in the period from 1995 to 1998 in Angarsk, one of them he was already indicted. In the course of the investigation he was transferred to SIZO-1 of Irkutsk.

In Russia warm winter allowed five cities to leave the list of the dirtiest

Warm winter and reducing the load of heating systems in Angarsk, Barnaul, Iskitim, Krasnoyarsk and Petrovsk-Baikal resulted in a reduction of emissions of harmful substances into the air and the exit of these cities from the list of cities with the dirtiest air in Russia, according to a review of the status and pollution of environment in Russia in 2019, published by Roshydromet.

A priority list of cities with the highest pollution level in 2019 includes 18 cities with total number of inhabitants in them 3.3 million people. This list includes cities with a very high level of air pollution, as well as frequent one-time excess concentration of harmful substances.