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The candidate in presidents of Belarus refused to take "bows Lukashenko"

The former candidate for President of Belarus Andrei Dmitriev said that the opposition "not interested in the bows" of President Alexander Lukashenko.

"Don't accept the apology (the interior Minister of Belarus Yuri) Karaev. We don't need the explanation (of the speaker of the upper chamber of Parliament Natalia) Kochanova. Not interested in bows and promises of Lukashenka. That time is gone," he wrote in his Telegram channel, commenting on the meeting of Lukashenko, which was held earlier in Minsk.

In Minsk ended the campaign in support of Lukashenka and the opposition

Today in Minsk hosted two of the action — in support of Alexander Lukashenko and the opposition rallies. About how events developed in the capital of Belarus — in the material RIA Novosti.

In Minsk held a rally in support of Tikhanovski

In Minsk, under reinforced security measures held a mass picket of the candidate in presidents of Belarus Svetlana Tikhanovski, reported the correspondent of RIA Novosti.

The event started in the Park of Friendship of peoples at 18:00. To get to the action, people had to line up and pass the inspection.

The presidential candidate of Belarus said about the possible restriction of Internet

The presidential candidate of Belarus Andrei Dmitriev told reporters on Thursday that the meeting, the CEC was stated about the possibility of restricting the Internet in the country, if necessary.

"I asked (the state Secretary of the security Council - ed.) about the possible restriction of the Internet. I was given the answer that if they feel that there is a direct threat to the security of the country, they do not exclude (the possibility - ed.) to turn off the Internet," he said after a meeting at the CEC with participation of the presidential candidates and Secretary of the security Council Andrei Ravkov.

Elections in Belarus: which candidate supports Union with Russia

The electoral race in Belarus is coming to a climax in the country in full swing campaigning, primary election day scheduled for 9 August. Presidential candidates was five people, and each of them his vision of the development of relations with Russia and the West in the event of coming to power.

The five candidates, in particular, included the current Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko, who is running for a sixth term, former Deputy of lower house of Parliament Anna Konopacka, co-Chairman of public Association "Tell the truth" Andrey Dmitriev, Chairman of the Belarusian social democratic party "Hramada" Sergey Caraceni and unemployed Svetlana Tikhanovski, the wife of popular videoblogger Sergei Tikhanovski, who is in custody in criminal cases.

Elections in Belarus: where to "disappear" candidates for President

Election of the President of Belarus, which first hit record in the activity of the population and the number of nominees to a crucial stage, according to experts, will come with a newsletter with three or four names, among which no real rivals to the acting head of the Republic Alexander Lukashenko.

In mid-may, when the deadline for the submission of applications on registration of initiative groups, there were 55, which was a record in the history of the country's sovereignty. Then, during three meetings of the Central election Commission the number of candidates was reduced to 15. By the time the climax – the registration of candidates, which should be completed July 14 – fit the seven nominees. "I declare withdrawal from the campaign," "I withdraw my candidacy" - at different times were made by several applicants. Someone wishing to run is now in jail, instead of the other moved his wife.