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The doctor pointed to the threat from "school" sanitizer

Sanitizer this year will become a mandatory part of a "school set" of each child. The danger of such a decision and how to protect children, said in an interview with radio Sputnik pediatrician, immunologist-allergologist, Andrey Prodeusa.

The use of sanitizers and antiseptics in Russian schools this year will become mandatory. Students have to use these tools to protect against coronavirus infection and other diseases.

In the suburbs almost 2.5 thousand children contracted the coronavirus

In Moscow on may 29 registered almost 2,5 thousand children with COVID-19, including more than 1.6 thousand asymptomatic, said the chief pediatrician city Children's hospital №9. G. N. Speransky Andrew Prodeusa.

"In the Moscow region on August 29, there were almost 2.5 thousand children, positive for coronavirus infection... Among them, asymptomatic were more than 1.6 thousand. From this array of patients only slightly less than 300 had disease of moderate severity, pneumonia, some of them required hospitalization, some of them even were at home and did not require hospitalization," said the Prodeusa at a press conference in the Russian popular front.