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Klishas called illegal blocking of the channel "Tsargrad" on Youtube

Lock the channel "Tsargrad" from the YouTube video is censorship governing bodies of the Russian Federation should take the necessary steps, told RIA Novosti on Tuesday the head of the constitutional Committee of the Federation Council Andrey Klishas.

"Lock the channel "Tsargrad" is a clear manifestation of censorship in Russia is unconstitutional and illegal," said the Senator.

The Federation Council asked the Prosecutor General to understand the causes of the accident in Norilsk

Federation Council speaker Valentina Matviyenko asked the Prosecutor General to deal with the causes of the accident in Norilsk, an official letter the Senator sent to the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation Igor Krasnov.

The document notes that as a result of environmental disaster on 29 may in Norilsk "was a violation of the constitutional rights of local residents, caused irreparable damage to territories of traditional nature use and traditional resources of livelihood of the indigenous minorities of the North, their traditional way of life."

Klishas said the work on the draft law on the state Council

The work on draft laws on the state Council and on the law of the ex-President of the Russian Federation to become a Senator has already begun, it leads, in particular, in the constitutional Committee of the Federation Council and the State legal Department of the President, reported RIA Novosti the Chairman of the Committee Andrey Klishas.

"Started long ago", - said Klishas to the question, when do you plan to start working on projects. According to him, on bills running including his Committee of the Federation Council to the State-legal Directorate of the President.

Klishas said the consideration of the bill on the Senate ex-President

The law on the right of the ex-President to become a Senator may be considered before the end of the year, but the goal is "to make all the running," no, said RIA Novosti Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on constitutional legislation Andrey Klishas.

"Maybe," he replied to the question, is it possible to develop and consider before the end of this year this law.

Klishas explained the work of measures to protect the territorial integrity of Russia

The use of the mechanisms for combating extremism for the protection of Russian territories will provide for the elimination of public or religious associations whose activity is aimed at undermining the territorial integrity, as well as a warning about the inadmissibility of distribution of extremist materials through the media, reported RIA Novosti Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on constitutional legislation Andrey Klishas.

The Federation Council approved on Friday the law on equating to more extreme violations of the territorial integrity of Russia, including the expropriation of part of its territory.

Klishas appreciated the package of draft laws on issues of marriage and family

The package of bills in the family and marriage, submitted to the Duma on Tuesday a group of senators headed by Elena Mizulina, has a grain of truth, said RIA Novosti Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on constitutional legislation Andrey Klishas.

"I am pleased that finally, after three years of work, this package made. There is a grain of truth in some areas. Will consider it," he said.

In the state Duma explained the concept of the demarcation of the project on the integrity of the territory

The concept of border demarcation in the law prohibiting the alienation of the territories of the Russian Federation implies an exception associated with the technical establishment of a specific border, said the head of the Duma Committee on state construction and legislation Pavel Krasheninnikov.

During the discussion of the bill at the plenary session the Deputy of the state Duma from the Communist party Alexey Chicken asked the question of whether as a result of the demarcation is actually to alienate the Southern Kuril Islands in favor of Japan, without additional procedures.

Moskalkova tell in Federation Council on the results of operations for the year 2019

The Commissioner for human rights in the Russian Federation Tatiana Moskalkova will speak at a meeting of the Council of Federation with the report on the results of operations for the year 2019.

The question is included in the draft agenda of the Federation Council.

Lawyers on the case of Ephraim promised consequences for their "show"

Plenipotentiary representative of the Federation Council in the constitutional court, Senator Andrey Klishas condemned the behavior of the attorneys for the parties in the case of Michael Efremova and warned that "vaudeville" lawyers can expect consequences.

Previously, the Federal chamber of advocates (FCA) has expressed concern that the defender of the interests of the family of the deceased in an accident with Ephraim Alexander Dobrovinsky and the actor's lawyer Elman Pashayev divulge attorney-client privilege and used the accident to self-promotion, working with the media. In the house opened a disciplinary case because of a violation of the code of ethics, and also warned that lawyers can make a warning, and in extreme cases to revoke the license.

Klishas commented on the decision of Turkey's Hagia Sophia

The right of Turkey to turn Hagia Sophia into a mosque is no doubt, however, Ankara is obliged to ensure its preservation as a cultural heritage of world importance, said RIA Novosti Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on constitutional legislation Andrey Klishas.

The state Council of Turkey on Friday canceled a decision dated 1934, about the transformation of Hagia Sophia into a Museum. Immediately after President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced that he had signed a decree about the transformation of the Cathedral into a mosque and the beginning of Muslim worship there.

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