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Borodin commented on the rumors about the appearance Guzeeva in the "House-2"

TV presenter Ksenia Borodina said subscribers to the rumors about the likelihood of Larisa Guzeeva on the TV show "Dom-2" as the lead.

Earlier in the Network appeared the information that Guzeeva allegedly agreed to participate in the project "at great expense".

Ivliev told about the details of the infection of coronavirus

Blogger and TV presenter Anastasia Ivleva told in Instagram as she and her husband, rapper LJ (Alexey Usenik) emerged coronavirus.

Initially, the girl explained, her husband had a common cold for several days he was drinking the usual at the same ailment medications. However, on the fourth or fifth day he lost his taste. This, according to Ivlieva, and alarmed them. We presenter runny nose and weakness, and often a headache. The parents of the rapper felt fine, but later the father of Asenyka also lost the taste.

Ivlieva and LJ was infected with coronavirus

Blogger and TV presenter Anastasia Ivlieva reported that together with her husband rapper LJ (Alexey Usenik) were infected with coronavirus.

Soon she promised to reveal details of the disease. In addition, the rapper in stories posted test positive for coronavirus.

Ivleva explained boasting a luxurious life

Blogger and TV presenter Anastasia Ivleva explained to his followers on instagram, why was to demonstrate the attributes of a rich life.

Previously subscribers Ulevoi accused her of flaunting life after she became a regular show in your account luxury cars, exclusive clothes and other luxury items. In response to this celebrity has recorded storis, which explained such publications.