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Russian-speaking community of Brooklyn creates patrols to protect from looters

Russian-speaking community in Brooklyn began to form patrols to protect against actions of provocateurs and looters disguised as protesters for the murder of an African-American George Floyd, told RIA Novosti one of the authors Isaac boltyansky.

He said that some business owners began to stick to the door of the leaflets, which said that they are "white and not enough black support, and they have to leave this area." In the network appeared photos of similar leaflets. One of them in particular begins with the words "Dear white neighbor...". In the UK, so the question of whether enough effort someone sent it to me to fight "white supremacy". The following is a list of such efforts, including, in particular, donations to "support black business", fighting for the rights of African American people. If the recipient did not, his call "to get out of Flatbush".

Ex-police officer in the case of Floyd want to impute more serious crime

The attorney General of Minnesota in the United States intends to impute the ex-policeman Derek Chavanu passing on the case of George Floyd, more serious crime and charged with murder, said the Senator from Minnesota Amy Klobuchar.

Previously Chavanu were brought against the accused of murder of the third degree, that is, unintentionally causing death by committing extremely dangerous for other actions.