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Experts have identified the place depicted in the last painting by van Gogh

Art historians have identified the exact spot depicted in the last painting of the Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh's "tree Roots", The Guardian reports.

Similarities in 1890 with the real landscape near the French town of Auvers-sur-Oise, it was noticed with postcards of the early twentieth century. She first drew the attention of the Director on scientific work of the Institute van Gogh Wouter van der Veen.

In Budapest plan to limit the ability to rent out the apartments to tourists

The municipality of Budapest plans to restrict the ability to rent out the apartments to tourists for short term through Airbnb and similar services, according to evropul's.

Owners of rental housing in the city centre will be able to convey it in short term rentals only a limited number of days in a year.

In the Crimea, accused Kiev of delaying the court in the "Scythian gold"

Ukraine is deliberately delaying the trial of belonging to the Crimean Museum collections of Scythian gold, said the head of the working group on international legal Affairs to the permanent representative of Crimea under the RF President Alexander Moloch.

It was expected that the court of appeal of Amsterdam July 7 will announce the date when the decision will be made on the complaint of Crimean museums in the case of the Scythian gold, however due to the fact that one of the judges was withdrawn by the Ukrainian side, the meeting was postponed to a later date.

Russia follows the trial of the "Scythian gold", said the Ambassador

Russia closely followed the consideration in the district court of Amsterdam in the case of the Crimean collection "Scythian gold" and hopes that the judges will decide on the return of this cultural heritage of the Crimea, said in an interview with RIA Novosti Russian Ambassador to the Netherlands Alexander Shulgin.

"We are closely following the case (about the Crimean collection "Scythian gold" - ed.). In our opinion, the decision of the District court of Amsterdam in 2016, according to which Dutch Museum handed over the artifacts to Ukraine, and not the real owners, was unreasonable and created a bad precedent for cultural exchanges around the world. The court of appeal of Amsterdam overturned the verdict in 2019, but the trial continues," the Ambassador said in response to the question of how Russia evaluates the trial of the "Scythian gold" by a Dutch court.

Artificial intelligence has recreated the real face of Napoleon

. User using the service Art Breeder recreated the famous face of the Emperor with the pseudo-photographic accuracy, according to Le Figaro.

Independent photographer from Amsterdam Bass Warwick (Bas Uterwijk), hiding under the pseudonym Gandbrood, loaded in Art Breeder several portraits of Napoleon, and clothing were taken from the paintings of Jacques-Louis David in 1812.