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The head of the Federal tourism Agency announced the launch of a program for affordable recreation in Altai

The head of the Federal Agency for tourism of sarin doguzova announced the launch of Charter tours to the Altai under the new affordable travel to Russia.

A key task of the Federal Agency for tourism this summer was the formation of accessible travel around the country - from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok, she said.

In the Altai region died six patients with COVID-19

Six infected with coronavirus residents of the Altai territory, died in days, the number of deaths in the region has reached 136, according to the regional sit room.

For the past day in the Altai region revealed 246 new cases of coronavirus infection: Barnaul – 66, Altai region is one, Biysk – 58, Baevsky district is one, the Annunciation district five, burlinskiy district – one, Belokurikha – four, Zalesovsky district two, Zarinsk – five, Kamen-na-Obi – three, Mikhaylovskiy rayon – 29, Novoaltaysk – 23, Pavlovsky district, one, may day area – 11, rebrikhinskiy district five romanivs'kyi district – one, eagle two, Smolenskiy district four, Soloneshensky district – single, Slavgorod – five, Talmensky district – 12'kyi district – one, Topchikhinsky district – one Tabunskogo district two, Ust-kalmanskiy – one, Shipunovsky district is one.

In the Altai region a day died four patients with coronavirus

Four people with COVID-19 died in the Altai Krai during the day, one patient died from coronavirus, according to the regional sit room.

"During the day, four people died, one from COVID-19, and three from other causes. Died just 130 people, including 54 cases from COVID-19, 73 cases - other causes of death, three cases under examination", - stated in the message.

The number of cases COVID-19 in the Altai region exceeded six thousand people

More than 230 infected with the coronavirus found in the Altai region during the day, the number would be made up 6056 people, reported in the regional sit room.

"On 13 July in the Altai region registered 235 new cases of coronavirus infection... the Total number of cases of coronavirus infection is 6056 people, including 597 children up to 17 years", - stated in the message.

In the Altai region eased a number of restrictions on coronavirus

Governor of the Altai territory was allowed to open the beaches in the Altai region, however, the fine control mode has tightened, the press service of the regional government.

The head of the region Victor Tomenko made a number of amendments to the decree "On certain measures to prevent the introduction and spread of novel coronavirus infection COVID-19".

In Moscow revealed 637 new cases COVID-19

The highest number of cases COVID-19 per day revealed in Moscow - 637, St. Petersburg - 300, Sverdlovsk region - 275, told reporters in the operational headquarters for the fight against the spread of coronavirus.

Also during the day, 263 cases were recorded in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous district, 240 in the Altai region, 219 - in the Nizhny Novgorod region.

In the Altai region launched three "davidnyc" hospital

Three of the hospital for the treatment of patients with coronavirus additionally open in the Altai territory in connection with the increase in the incidence, reported the press service of the regional government.

This question was considered Thursday by the Commission for the prevention of emergencies.

In the Altai region has identified more than 200 new cases COVID-19

More than 200 new cases of coronavirus identified in the Altai region a day, it's a new record, the Governor Viktor Tomenko collects meeting today on this issue, reported in the regional sit room.

In total, the region 5121 infected and was discharged on recovery - 3567, just diseased, which to date continue treatment - 1437 people.

On Altai check of the organizers of the party in the midst of a pandemic

Altai Rospotrebnadzor will check the organizers of the disco on the lake Aya and procession in Korobeynikovo which took place during the ban on mass events, told reporters Deputy Minister Uljana of Kalinin.

Kalinina said that part of the requirements for inspections the Agency has already received, the detection of violations of sanitary norms Rospotrebnadzor will take administrative measures against the organizers of the events.

In the Altai region has identified 188 new cases COVID-19

Almost 190 new cases of coronavirus identified in the Altai territory per day, according oberstab, this is the highest number in the region since the beginning of the pandemic.

The total number of cases of coronavirus infection is 4897 people, including 496 children up to 17 years inclusive. 93 critically ill patients on the ventilator - 21.

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