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Disclosed fees of Alla Pugacheva

General Director of "Ru-concert" Evgeny Morozov revealed the fees of singer Alla Pugacheva.

He admitted that he found the price list 1998, according to which the income of the artist for a private performance was 25 thousand dollars. According to Morozov, in the last twenty years of her fee rose more than ten times.

Producer of "Tender may" revealed the secret of your weight loss

Producer of "Tender may" Andrey Razin has revealed the "secret" of losing weight at 43 kgs. Relevant post he posted on his Instagram.

"I went to the herring instead of meat. Salted cucumber, onion, dill... And I lost a lot of weight. Continue her diet a little, so as not to shock your body. Already weigh 107 pounds, compared to 150," wrote Razin.

"Work like serfs": Prigogine evaluated the position of artists

Producer Joseph Prigogine commented on his statement that artists were in a difficult position in connection with cancellation of performances, noting that the creative intelligentsia is entitled to support from the state, like any other profession, writes the edition "Sobesednik".

The producer said that the Russian artists, unlike colleagues abroad, making participation in festivals and television broadcasts, "working like serfs". For example, he led singing festivals, where the jury often sit famous artists. According to him, they don't get paid for it.