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In a Spanish fishing shop found amphorae of the Roman Empire

The civil guard of Spain found the shop the frozen fish thirteen amphorae of the first century.

The discovery was made during regular check one of the shops in the province of Alicante. In addition to the amphorae were stored anchor the eighteenth century and a slab of limestone with the inscription ESTE, the report said the Civil Guard. Most of the amphorae (one of them, experts consider especially valuable) was built to transport olive oil, wine and fish sauces in Rome.

The Ministry of communications published a schedule export flight prior to 2 August

The Ministry of communications in your Telegram channel has released the full schedule of export flights in Russia until 2 August.

On July 22 planned flight Larnaca — Moscow-Cairo — Moscow, Dushanbe — Zhukovsky, 23 Jul expected flights Osh — Moscow, Bishkek — Novosibirsk, July 24, to be held the flight Seoul — Moscow, Madrid — Moscow, Dushanbe — Moscow.