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Trump did not rule out a ban on Alibaba in USA

The US President Donald trump has stated that it is considering a possible ban on the activities of the Chinese company Alibaba in the United States.

"Well, Yes. We are studying and other things," trump said to reporters in the city of Bedminster, state of new Jersey, answering a question, don't you think authority to ban work in the United States and other major Chinese technology companies, including Alibaba.

Alibaba will help Russian small and medium businesses to develop new markets

. Chinese giant e-Commerce Alibaba Group jointly with logistics partners PA and MD Insight will launch in Russia the new program "Project Sprout Up", which will help Russian small and medium businesses to open their own online stores and finding wholesale buyers abroad.

The new program is aimed primarily at entrepreneurs active in the field of engineering, metallurgy, agricultural production, and producers of food products and beverages, whose brands are already represented abroad.