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Banks are willing to offer the Russians a mortgage with a down payment of 10%

Most Russian banks already offer the Russians to get a mortgage with a minimum down payment of 10% of the cost of housing, but on more liberal terms to make the loan, they are not yet ready, the survey showed the largest credit institutions, conducted by RIA Novosti.

Sberbank on Wednesday reported a decrease in the minimum down payment on mortgages for the purchase and construction of housing to 10% from 15% for payroll clients and up to 30% from 50% for customers who arrange a mortgage without proof of income and employment.

In Russia suggested to hold the denomination of the ruble

Informationas the head of the analytical center "Alpari" Alexander Razuvaev came up with the idea of holding a denomination of the Russian currency in 100 times, according to "Vedomosti".

Earlier, the Central Bank said that the volume of cash in circulation reached a record value 12.42 trillion rubles. According to the regulator, last month, this amount increased by 3.5 percent.

The largest Russian banks still leave employees on "udalenke"

The largest Russian banks do not hurry to return employees to the offices and plan to continue to work remotely, you should from a survey of the largest credit institutions.

The mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin announced on Monday that from June 9 in the capital canceled withdrawal and permit regime imposed over the coronavirus.

Russian banks began to lower mortgage rates

Russian banks on the background of the easing of the restrictive measures imposed because of the pandemic coronavirus, have begun to reduce rates on mortgages, the survey of credit institutions RIA Novosti.

Alfa-Bank decreased by 0.4 percentage points rate for a mortgage loan to buy housing on the secondary market and for mortgage refinancing. "The easing of quarantine measures has led many Russians to think about how to properly manage your expenses. Mortgage refinancing will help to save on monthly payments: reduce the amount of the overpayment or to reduce the term of the loan," - said the head of mortgage crediting Department of the Bank Artem Ivanov.

The accused in the seizure of the offices of Alfa-Bank asked for forgiveness from Buzova

A native of Russia, Alexei Baryshnikov, accused of capture of hostages in the Moscow office of Alfa-Bank, apologized to the Bank employees and TV presenter Olga Buzova, reported RIA Novosti his lawyer Maxim Kichigin.

Kichigin added that in the near future Baryshnikov will conduct psychological and psychiatric examination.

Economists have estimated the chances of further strengthening of the ruble

The ruble recovered to the level of the beginning of March, however, the strengthening of the national currency is unlikely to last long, according to respondents RBC economists.

Among the reasons for the growth of the ruble, the experts noted the rebound in oil prices, consistent fiscal policy, the confidence of domestic holders of ruble assets and the resumption of activity in major markets in the world.