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The case of MH17 on the merits will not commence before 2021

The proceedings of the crash Malaysian Boeing (flight MH17) in Eastern Ukraine will essentially begin no earlier than 2021, said the Prosecutor's office of the Netherlands.

"The trial of MH17 will continue on 31 August 2020.... It is expected that hearings will not begin until 2021," reads the message published on the website of the Prosecutor's office.

The doctor dispelled the myths about tea

Gastroenterologist Alexey Paramonov took apart popular myths about the tea.

So, often there are allegations that the lovers of strong tea can deal with high blood pressure and heart problems. The doctor noted that the tea is really a lot of caffeine, but recent studies show that over hypertension, this beverage is not connected.

The prosecution wants to investigate the causes of uncovered sky in the case of MH17

The public Prosecutor's office asked the court for the collapse of the Malaysian Boeing (flight MH17) in the Donbass in 2014 to reject a request for an investigation into the circumstances, which was not closed the airspace over the conflict zone in Ukraine, where the crash occurred, because it is not the subject of the investigation, said the Prosecutor Thijs Berger at the hearing on Friday.

Dutch lawyer Boudewijn van Eyck, representing the interests of the accused Russian Oleg Pulatova, said at hearings on the crash on Tuesday that Dutch authorities agreed to investigate the circumstances under which Kiev is not closed airspace for civil aviation in the conflict zone in Eastern Ukraine, where 17 Jul 2014 the crashed flight MH17. He noted that such an investigation may take up to six months or more in pandemic coronavirus.