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The Committee of the state Duma supported the bill on beekeeping

The state Duma Committee on natural resources, property and land relations supported the adoption in the first reading the draft law "On beekeeping in Russia", aimed at establishing a legal framework for the development and state support in this sphere.

The bill, submitted by deputies Gennady Zyuganov, Alexei Gordeyev, Vladimir Kashin, Oleg Lebedev and Ivan Loora, defines the basic goals, principles and directions of state policy in the field of development of beekeeping, as well as measures for its implementation. Thus secured the possibility of providing broad support to the Russian beekeepers as part of the state, and in the field. This will not only ensure development of the existing production of bee products, but will attract new members and promotes the involvement of private farms in the commodity production of bee products, according to developers.

Expert councils under the leadership of the state Duma will have new authority

Expert advice when the Chairman of the state Duma and Vice-speakers of the state Duma will be authorized for training of expert evaluation of bills, this measure will improve the quality of legislation, said the speaker of the lower house of Parliament, Vyacheslav Volodin.

"We are talking about additional opportunities to get expert advice when the leadership of the State Duma under the Chairman of the State Duma, Deputy Chairman of the State Duma, which will be able not only to discuss but also to act upon the bill the decision in the case, if you see that the bill requires revision, and this will be an appropriate statement during the discussion of the bill along with the report of the relevant Committee", - said Volodin on the results of Duma Council.

In the state Duma introduced draft amendments to the law on viticulture

Vice-speaker of the state Duma Alexey Gordeev and the Chairman of the Committee of the lower house of Parliament on agrarian questions Vladimir Kashin submitted to the state Duma the next amendments to the law on viticulture and winemaking, the bill is published in the electronic database of the state Duma.

The bill was registered on 17 June, is the third version of amendments to the law on wine from Gordeeva and Kashin. They were amended at the beginning and at the end of March, the first version of MPs withdrew, the second was returned to the authors.

Team Cousteau supported the initiative to ban trapping in Russia cetaceans

Team oceanographer Jean-Michel Cousteau, who participated in the operation to rescue sea animals from the "whale jail" in Primorye, addressed the Russian authorities with a letter in which he supported the proposal, published on the "Russian public initiative" on the prohibition of the capture of cetaceans for dolphinariums.

Now the law allows marine mammals capture only for indigenous peoples, for scientific and educational purposes. Former Deputy Prime Minister Alexei Gordeyev in 2019, said catch in the cultural and educational goals the government wants to ban. The environmental coalition "freedom of the orcas and the Beluga whales" published a petition in support of such a ban on the IC, she has collected over 100 thousand votes, which is enough for consideration by the government. Environmentalists reported that an expert working group at the Federal level, having considered the petition on the website ROI on the prohibition of the capture of cetaceans in the cultural and educational purposes, recommended to deny them. It was reported that the members of the working group will be assembled by 1 June.