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In Khabarovsk Krai will open up additional beds for patients COVID-19

Khabarovsk territory, given the forecast growth in the number of cases COVID-19 after unsanctioned rallies need to be in hospitals of 400 additional seats, the increase in morbidity is expected after July 25, according to the government of the province.

It is noted that the situation was discussed on Monday in the regional operational headquarters for the coronavirus.

In the Khabarovsk region, the number of complaints of physicians about the non-payment has decreased by 40 times

The number of calls from health workers with complaints of the lack of additional payments for work with COVID patients in the Khabarovsk region fell 40 times, up to 3-4 a day, told journalists the Minister of health of edge Alexander Vitko.

Earlier it was reported that the medical staff since April of assigned incentive payments for working with COVID-patients. The money comes from the Federal and regional budgets. Some physicians, in particular, from ambulance workers, there were complaints of non-payment or incomplete payment of the remuneration laid.

In one of the Khabarovsk hospitals, an outbreak COVID-19

Vyazemskaya Central regional hospital in Khabarovsk region closed for quarantine after identifying in it a few cases of new coronavirus infection, reported to journalists on Tuesday, Minister of health of edge Alexander Vitko.

According to him, if within two weeks when no new cases, the quarantine will be removed, and the hospital will return to normal work schedule.

In the Khabarovsk territory told about the payments to doctors

Almost 380 million rubles transferred for may doctors of the Khabarovsk territory, working with patients with novel coronavirus infection, said the regional government.

"On the first Federal regulation of payments for may received 2116 people in 46 institutions for the sum of 126,2 million rubles. Payments under presidential decree accrued 1810 physicians in 22 institutions in the amount of 195,7 million rubles. By order of the Governor of the payments listed 1719 employees in 53 institutions in the total amount of 57.2 million rubles," - are reported words of the Minister of health region Alexandra Vitko.

In the Khabarovsk region, said the increase in the number of infections with coronavirus

The increase in the number of reported cases of coronavirus infections, which is observed in the last two weeks in Khabarovsk Krai, occurred after the festivities on may day and due to the non-masked mode, said at a meeting of the regional headquarters for the coronavirus, the Minister of health region Alexander Vitko.

Earlier it was reported that in the last two weeks in the province registered daily over 60 new cases. Because of this, the authorities even wanted to tighten the regime of self-isolation, which is valid until June 10. It was repeatedly stated that people continue to walk and communicate, despite the introduction of restrictive measures.