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Study: Russians on the background of the COVID-19 worried about the return in the 90s

The residents of several regions of Russia on the background of self-isolation of coronavirus and economic consequences of the epidemic began to fear that in some respects, including in terms of life, you can go back to the "dashing 90-e", told RIA Novosti the results of the research quarterly "National index anxieties" in the communication of CROS.

The index shows the dominant in society, anxiety and phobias generated media and life experiences of Russians. The study is conducted based on the analysis of media and social media. The method takes into account the degree of importance of the topic and the duration of the information waves in the analysis of media, as well as the importance of the topic for people in the analysis of social networks.

In the Amur region, Transbaikalia and Yakutia have opened for voting

The polls on the last day of voting opened at 8: 00 (02h00 GMT) in the Amur oblast, Zabaykalsky Krai and Yakutia, who came to vote on the amendments to the Constitution of Russia will provide masks and disposable handles to prevent COVID-19.

A nationwide vote on amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation was scheduled for 22 April, but then postponed due to the difficult epidemiological situation in the country. Later, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that the vote will take place on 1 July. It was decided that in fact the citizens can vote for 7 days from 25 June to 1 July.

The three heads of the regions of Siberia and the far East had voted for amendments to the Constitution

The head of Transbaikalian edge Alexander Osipov, acting Governor of Irkutsk region Igor Kobzev, the head of the Altai Republic Oleg Khorokhordin took part in the voting on the amendments to the Constitution.

A nationwide vote is scheduled for July 1, however, the opportunity to vote for the Russians have with June 25.

The number of beds at the field hospital of the defense Ministry in Chita can increase

The number of beds at the field hospital of the Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation for patients with coronavirus in Chita can be increased if the situation will develop adversely, told reporters the Governor of Transbaikalia Alexander Osipov.

Earlier the President of Russia Vladimir Putin urged to help the TRANS-Baikal region, where it grows, the incidence of coronavirus, the Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation throws in a region of a field hospital with 100 beds.