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In Germany reacted to trump's decision to withdraw troops

German MPs and diplomats are not surprised by Washington's decision to reduce the number of American military in Germany.

On the eve of President Donald trump has promised to reduce the American contingent almost doubled. He noted that the military spend a lot of money there, and Berlin, by contrast, are underpaid in the budget of NATO.

The German MP has accused the US of blackmail after the word trump on the withdrawal of troops

USA blackmailing Germany for its military, as in a cheap movie, said RIA Novosti member of the German Bundestag, representative of the faction "Left" in Eastern Europe Alexander Noah.

"As is customary in bad American B-movies these threats (partial withdrawal of US troops - ed.), Packed with twisted arguments and lies, because in reality there is nothing that could reasonably justify it," said Noah, adding that "Berlin can no longer pretend not to hear threats and blackmail from Washington, this is not in the interests of Germany", which the Americans in the event of armed conflict, "will not hesitate to make the field of nuclear battle."