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Named the most effective ways to slow brain aging

Doctor and TV presenter Alexander Myasnikov called the TV channel "Russia 1" the most effective ways to slow down aging of the brain.

This problem, as the expert noted, occurs not only with age but also with the young people. So, people live under stress, not knowing how to properly react to it, too lazy to conduct a correct lifestyle, a little move.

Butchers explained how to save man and not to die himself

Doctor and TV presenter Alexander Myasnikov commented on the incident in Barnaul, when during a fight a man kill another man with one blow, noting that before you rush to the aid person should assess the situation.

According to investigators, the fight took place on the night of July 27, near one of entertaining institutions with the participation of several residents of Barnaul. The incident was caught on video and caused strong public outcry. The footage shows how a resident of Barnaul trying to break up a street fight, in the end, he receives a strong blow to the head and no longer rises from the asphalt. The man who was hit, died. A criminal case under article "Deliberate causing of heavy harm to health, entailed on imprudence death of the victim".

Butchers told about the unexpected consequences of snoring

In some cases, snoring can be dangerous, said the doctor Alexander Myasnikov to the TV channel "Russia 1".

One of the spectators sent the question, which talked about sleep apnea (temporarily stopping breathing) spouse. During sleep he snores, occasionally stop for about ten to twenty seconds, then abruptly screams. She asked what it might be called.

Myasnikov called the four key indicators of human health

. The doctor Alexander Myasnikov to the TV channel "Russia 1" have listed the criteria by which to determine the human health.

In which he called "the deadly Quartet" entered:

"In transvestites pull": the butchers criticized distance learning

Doctor and TV presenter Alexander Myasnikov acted with criticism of the extension of distance learning, noting that it can't replace face-to-face training in schools.

In his opinion, the situation is compounded by the fact that the education level "has fallen below the critical mark". In addition, when visiting the school the child acquires the skill of communicating with peers.

The butchers told me how to wean drivers to use the phone while driving

Doctor and TV presenter Alexander Myasnikov in its channel in the Telegram told how to deal with the use of mobile phones while driving.

"Already it is evident that the driver of the car in front not here: goes obliquely, slowly wagging," explained the doctor. He noted that pedestrians do not behave better: cross the road with headphones in the hood, looking at the phone and thinking, "what are they made of titanium and is immortal."

The butchers gave me a way to get rid of back pain

Doctor and TV presenter Alexander Myasnikov, the TV channel "Russia 1" called ways to get rid of back pain.

According to him, often painful sensations occur from an awkward movement, after which the intervertebral disc begins to squeeze the nerve. Another reason for pain could be a hernia or spasm, said the expert.

Dr. Myasnikov dispelled myths about coffee

. Dr. Alexander Myasnikov, the TV channel "Russia 1" disproved a common myth about the dangers of coffee.

According to him, this drink is useful as it prevents the development of cancer of the prostate, breast and liver, and cirrhosis.

Butchers told how to identify a dangerous disease with the help of ice cream

Doctor and TV presenter Alexander mjasnikov has told on air of TV channel "Russia 1" as I could identify patient serious disease with ice cream.

Named a way to prevent the development of cancer

Some types of cancer, particularly cervical cancer, arise from human papilloma virus, said the doctor Alexander Myasnikov to the TV channel "Russia 1". According to the physician, infection this infection can be prevented through timely vaccination done.

Butchers said that this virus causes cervical cancer in hundred percent of cases.

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