Latest News - #Alexander Marshall

The state Department said that Russia has a project on the dissociation of the NATO

The US special envoy on arms control Marshal Billingsley said about the alleged presence of Russian "parallel project" to divide NATO, but assured that he was not to be successful.

Instead, he invited Russia to focus on another problem - the buildup of forces in China.

Agutin commented on the strange appearance of the pilot in the photo

Singer Leonid Agutin responded to the concerns of followers on instagram due to the health of the leader of the "lube".

The singer posted two photos in the publication, devoted to Day of Russia. In the second picture, in addition to Agutin, shows Nikolai Rastorguev, Grigory Leps and Alexander Marshall. One of the users on instagram thought with the soloist of group "lube" is something wrong, in the comments to the post the health of the musician and asked other people.