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In the Bundestag Merkel urged to abandon the "Nord stream — 2"

Deputy head of the faction of Free democratic party (FDP) in the Bundestag Alexander Lambsdorff urged German Chancellor Angela Merkel to abandon the project "Nord stream - 2" in connection with a murder case in Berlin in 2019, the charges which brought the Russian.

Earlier, the Prosecutor's office of Germany announced that it had sent to the court of Berlin a case of a citizen of Russia, who is accused of murder of the citizen of Georgia committed 23 Aug last year. According to German investigators, the Russians got the job "from the state departments of the government of the Russian Federation "about the elimination by 2016 refugee status of a citizen of Georgia on 18 July 2019, the victim was headed by "the Chechen police in the fight against Russia," the statement reads. As indicated in the statement of the Prosecutor General, of the killed citizen of Georgia, "Russian authorities have ranked... to terrorists and accused him of membership in a terrorist group "Caucasus Emirate" (banned in Russia)".