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Ruselectronics launched the production of "smart" meters

The holding company Ruselectronics GK "rostec" and the industry development Fund has launched Russia's first production of intelligent electricity metering devices on the basis of domestic components and software, the report said holding company.

The device will automatically collect and transmit readings to the operator data. Users through the mobile application will be able to monitor energy use and pay for the services.

Roskoshestvo explained how to file a claim for poisoning in the restaurant

Food poisoning in cafe, restaurant, for products purchased in store or online reason to protect their rights, what actions are needed in this case, said Deputy head of Roskoshestvo Alexander Borisov.

The fact of poisoning it is necessary to fix in a medical facility. "In the "reason" the doctor will record your words, what you ate and what caused the consequences. Coupled with the symptoms and treatment evidence of the use of certain products or dishes at a particular time and in a particular place will not cause doubts," - says Borisov.