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In St. Petersburg will increase the provision of places in hospitals for patients with COVID-19

The authorities of St. Petersburg will increase the provision of specialized beds for patients with COVID-19 the case of the second wave of the disease in the autumn, the press service of the Governor.

The Governor Alexander Beglov said at the meeting, which was held by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin on issues of sanitary-epidemiological situation in the regions and the health sector for the autumn-winter period.

Beglov said stabilization of the situation with COVID-19 in St. Petersburg

The situation with coronavirus in St. Petersburg stabiliziruemost, the authorities gradually removed prohibitions, but it is important to continue to follow the recommendations of Rospotrebnadzor, said in an interview with RIA Novosti, the Governor of Petersburg Alexander Beglov.

As noted by the Governor of St. Petersburg, the authorities gradually removed prohibitions, but every decision is agreed with the CPS.

Beglov told who will be affected by staff reductions in state agencies

The Governor of Petersburg Alexander Beglov has explained that the planned downsizing of public authorities will mainly affect managers and should not be at the expense of quality of work of subordinate budget organizations.

On Tuesday instructed Beglov, Vice-Governor Eugene Eline and Eduard Batanov two weeks to prepare a plan for reduction of staff in state bodies and subordinate organizations. As the Governor explained, the reduction will not apply to medicine, education and social services. In some media, Telegram channels and social networks, information appeared that the cuts will affect employees of institutions of culture of St. Petersburg, which is the relevant Committee of the city administration was instructed to submit proposals on the reduction of States by 10%.

In St. Petersburg, plasma donors with antibodies to COVID-19 will receive payments

St. Petersburg recovered coronavirus and become plasma donors will receive incentive payments, the press service of the Governor of the city.

The corresponding decision on additional measure of social support of donors anticavity plasma was signed by the Governor of Petersburg Alexander Beglov.

Beglov assessed the situation with coronavirus in St. Petersburg

The emerging increase in the incidence of COVID-19 in Saint-Petersburg is associated with the carelessness of some residents, said the Governor Alexander Beglov.

According to the city operational headquarters in June, the incidence of COVID-19 in St. Petersburg began to decline and averaged 217 to 220 cases per day. However, by the end of June it began to rise to an average of 250-290 per day. For the last day in Petersburg 291 identified a new case of infection COVID-19.

Milonov asked the Governor of St. Petersburg to soften the law on "Nalivaiko"

State Duma Deputy Vitaly Milonov asked the Governor of St. Petersburg Alexander Beglov to soften the law on the fight against "Nalivaiko" or to impose a moratorium on it because its implementation would harm the restaurant and bar culture of the city (a copy of the appeal is from RIA Novosti).

Earlier, the legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg adopted amendments to the "law on Nalivaiko", which prohibits the employment of bars with an area of 50 square meters.

In St. Petersburg from the clinic wrote a journalist affected the vote

Journalist David Frankel after an incident at one of the polling stations of St. Petersburg was released from the hospital, told RIA Novosti in the human rights organization "apology of protest."

"David Frenkel is being discharged today. And today to him in the hospital came a representative of the investigation to record statements in the course of pre-investigation check", - reported in a human rights organization.

In Saint-Petersburg resume museums and fitness centers

Museums, exhibition halls, fitness centers and pools resume in St. Petersburg on Monday.

As reports a press-service of administration of the Governor of the city, appropriate changes to the decree of the city government from 13.03.2020 No. 121 "On measures to combat the spread in St. Petersburg a new coronavirus infection (COVID-19)" has made the Governor Alexander Beglov.

In St. Petersburg opened a monument to those killed in the Barents sea, divers

Memorial in memory of the submariners who died in July 2019 by research submersible in the Barents sea, officially opened on Sunday at the Serafimovskoe cemetery in St. Petersburg, the correspondent of RIA Novosti.

"A year has passed since the tragedy in the Barents sea... Here on Seraphim cemetery buried 14 of our heroes, the best officers of our country... Today we opened the memorial in honor of their heroism," - said at the ceremony the Governor of Petersburg Alexander Beglov.

In the St. Petersburg area, where the injured journalist, revealed violations

. At the polling station in St. Petersburg, where he was injured journalist David Frankel, invalidated 35 of the ballots from the mobile ballot box, said the head of the legal Department of Saint-Petersburg electoral Commission Oleg Hook.

"If you talk about what originally caused the interest in this polling station, we can recall that the stumbling block was the procedure for voting using a single portable box. In this box there were 35 ballots. The validity of all other ballots submitted to the precinct election Commission, no doubt. As was admitted some deficiencies in the presentation of results of voting using the mobile ballot box, the Commission found it possible and necessary ballots, which were contained in a portable box, to invalidate. Was invalidated 35 of the ballots," said Hook reporters.

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