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"In shock": Vodonaeva commented on the failure of Ephraim to admit guilt in an accident

TV presenter Alain Vodonaeva commented on the refusal of Michael Efremova to plead guilty in a deadly accident in Central Moscow, comparing the trial of the case with the "circus". Appropriate post she posted in her Instagram.

"I'm in shock from the fact that the defense has decided to deny everything and say that Efremov remembers nothing. Why they decided to plead not guilty when witnesses proved the opposite? Sneering and over Ephraim, and over us," wrote the presenter.

Vodonaeva spoke about his experiences at the age of 14 rape

. TV presenter and model Alena Vodonaeva admitted that at the age of 14 was the victim of sexual violence. About it it is told in the documentary, published on the video platform Premier.

As said Vodonaeva, she was standing at a bus stop in Tyumen, when she was approached by a stranger and offered a ride. According to her, the man was in a suit, looked nice and was polite. The girl sat in his car, but at some point realized that she was being taken to a strange place.

Beaune has offered to work on a crisis line for pregnant women

Eks-the participant "Houses-2", Instagram-blogger Victoria Bonya can work on a hotline for pregnant women in a crisis situation, she will be given the opportunity, said Wednesday RIA Novosti the head of the Russian program of assistance to pregnant women in a crisis situation, "Save a life" Ekaterina Markova.

Earlier Bonya in his blog criticized the Russian residents, who receive the minimum wage, calling them "alcoholics" and "rogue".

Bonia called living on the minimum wage of Russians are alcoholics and rogue

The former participant "Houses-2" and TV presenter Victoria Bonya Instagram was criticized in the Russians, who earn a minimum wage.

She believes that the aid is necessary to provide entrepreneurs whose business stopped for two months because of a pandemic coronavirus.