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Russia has proposed to introduce a new levy on sales of alcohol and tobacco

Russia has proposed to introduce a new levy on sales of alcohol and tobacco for health development, reports RT with reference to the letter of the OP member, the head "Sober Russia" Sultan Khamzayev Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin.

Khamzayev said the need to charge a 30 percent profit after paying all the necessary taxes.

The Russians proposed to deprive of the right to travel on the train for drinking alcohol

Member of the Public chamber, head of the project "Sober Russia" Sultan Hamzaev has offered for two years deprived of the right to use rail transport for drinking alcohol in the trains. It is reported RT with reference to the letter from the social worker on behalf of the Minister of transport Eugene Dietrich.

Clarifies that such a measure Hamzaev considers it necessary for the citizens who twice during the calendar year was caught consuming alcohol in the railway transport.

In Ukraine abolished the state monopoly on alcohol production

The law, which provides for the abolition of the state monopoly on alcohol production in Ukraine, on Wednesday is enforced.

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on 3 December 2019 adopted a law abolishing the 2020 state monopoly on the alcohol industry. Later, he was signed by the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky. The law entered into force on 14 December and entered into force on 1 July 2020.

Who: Europe takes the first place in alcohol consumption in the world

Europe takes the first place in alcohol consumption in the world, he is one of the main causes of health loss and premature death, and this burden primarily falls on people of working age, according to the report "Formation of prices on alcohol in the European region of the world health organization" (a copy is available to RIA Novosti).

In a study published on Tuesday by the European office of the who non-communicable disease prevention and control, examines the impact of pricing policy on the volume of alcohol consumption in countries of the who European region, including Russia.

Okhlobystin spoke about the last conversation with Ephraim

Actor Ivan Okhlobystin in an interview with StarHit spoke about the last conversation with Mikhail Efremov.

According to the artist, he often heard from his colleague, however, the last thorough conversation with Ephraim took place about a week before the accident. After the incident, said the actor, they are not allowed to communicate.

The lawyer explained why Efremov sat behind the wheel drunk

Attorney Michael Ephraim Elman Pashayev in an interview with "Interlocutor" called the reason why his client sat behind the wheel drunk.

According to him, in the day when the accident happened, was an Orthodox holiday, so Yefremov drinking alcohol. The same day he from the Ukraine called a friend who reported that his mother and wife went to the hospital and are in serious condition. Since the border with Ukraine at the moment closed, a friend of the actor asked him to go to the hospital and help as much as possible.

The doctors told me what kind of lifestyle you need to lead in the heat

Doctors in the interview with "Izvestiya" gave advice on how to exercise and eat right during the heat wave.

Nutritionist Marina Opletaev urged to abandon fatty foods as well as alcohol and sugary drinks in hot weather.

Named the most popular drink of the Russians at self-isolation

The best-selling alcoholic drink in Russia during the period of isolation was the beer. This is evidenced by the research of company "Taxcom", reports RT.

In second place were the wine, the third vodka. Followed by cider and cognac.

Professor named new risk group for coronavirus

Risk factors for coronavirus can be attributed to smokers and drinkers, said the Professor of the Moscow state medical University named after I. M. Sechenov, the President of the Russian Association of public health Andrey Dyomin in an interview with parliamentary newspaper.

He commented on the CPS that alcohol with a high alcohol content kills the pathogen COVID-19, but on the contrary, leads to negative consequences for immunity.

Roskoshestvo told, help alcohol lose weight

Alcohol consumption can contribute to weight gain and not recommended for the diet, said Roskoshestvo.

"Alcohol slows down the process of weight loss and is not recommended for people who are on a diet. Moreover, alcohol occasionally and does promote weight. If you drink one glass of wine (125 milliliters) every two weeks, he likely will not contribute to weight gain," - said in the materials of the organization.