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In new Mexico shooting occurred during protests

The shooting occurred in the American city of Albuquerque, new Mexico, during the protests against racism and police brutality after the murder of a police officer of African-American George Floyd, the victim is in serious condition, according to local police.

It is noted that law enforcement officers after the incident used "chemical irritants and stun grenades" to ensure the safety of police officers and the arrest of suspects in the shooting, who was taken into custody for questioning.

In some major US cities, riots broke out over the death of Floyd

Protests over the death of an African-American George Floyd in Minneapolis on Friday escalated into riots in several major U.S. cities, reports the associated Press.

Clashes of protesters with police, detention and acts of vandalism occurring in new York, Atlanta (GA), Albuquerque (new Mexico), Fontana, San Jose (California) and Houston (Texas).