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Balkan redistribution. Serbia is trying to negotiate with Kosovo

Serbia and Kosovo are planning to resume the talks and to discuss the possibility of a new redistribution of borders in the Balkans. Intermediaries are Germany and France. The EU hopes that the discussion will bring a solution to the Kosovo issue, but in advance warn about any exchange of territories could not be considered. Ready to compromise Belgrade and Pristina, to understand RIA Novosti.

Brussels has regained a leading role in the Kosovo settlement after this failed DC. Scheduled for the end of June, the negotiations between Belgrade and Pristina with the mediation of Donald trump failed because the charges against Hashim Thaci accusations of spectaculator the Hague court.

The self-proclaimed Parliament of Kosovo approved the new Cabinet

The deputies of the Parliament of the self-proclaimed Republic of Kosovo approved a new government headed by the representative of the moderately reformist Democratic Union of Kosovo (DSK) Abdulahim Hoti.

Wednesday Hoti submitted to the Parliament the new composition of the Kosovo "government" and its program for approval.

In Kosovo, the court allowed to form a new government

The constitutional court (CC) of the self-proclaimed Republic of Kosovo upheld the formation of a new government without early elections.

Previously, the Kosovo Parliament expressed distrust of the government leader of the movement "self-Determination" Albin Kurti. In late April, the President of Kosovo, Hashim Thaci has handed the mandate to form a new Cabinet, the Deputy head of the Democratic Union of Kosovo (DSK) Abdulahu Hoti. However, the movement of deposed Prime Minister Kurt demanded from the constitutional court in Pristina to assess the legitimacy of Thaci. From their point of view, the resignation of the government was to lead to early elections.