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Iraqi security forces detained seven terrorists who infiltrated from Syria

Iraqi security forces detained in the North a group of infiltrators from Syria of the terrorists, all the detainees are members of the same family, said Wednesday the Ministry of defence of Iraq.

The arrest operation carried out in Nineveh province. "In the course of search operations based on accurate intelligence forces of the 71st infantry brigade and the military intelligence unit arrested the terrorists who are members of the same family and infiltrated into Iraq across the Syrian border," - said in a Facebook statement, the Ministry of defense.

In Iraq prevented an attempt by terrorists to enter the country

Iraqi militia, "al-Hashd al-SHAABI" prevented members of the terrorist group "Islamic state" (IG)* to penetrate into Iraq from Syria, said Tuesday the news Agency Baghdadtoday with reference to the press service of the militia.

"The strength of the 17th brigade militia prevented the attempt of members of the Islamic state group to infiltrate from Syria into the territory of Anbar province in the center Akashat", - reads the statement of the press service. According to her, the militia forces have opened fire on the car of the militants, forcing them to retreat to the Syrian border.

The Prime Minister of Iraq has stated about the impermissibility of threats against Iran

Iraq will not allow anyone to threaten Iran from its territory, said Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kazemi after talks with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani.

Al-Kazemi on Tuesday arrived in Tehran on a two-day visit, which became the first Iraqi Prime Minister's trip abroad since taking office in early may.

Three Iraqi militiamen were killed in an explosion in Diyala province

Explosive devices were detonated on the route of a group of security forces and militias in Iraq's Diyala province, three were killed and seven others were injured, according to officials of the Iraqi security services.

"Killed four soldiers and seven others were injured as a result of operation two explosive devices planted on the highway in Diyala," - said the press service.

Iraqi Prime Minister promised to punish those responsible for the murder of an expert in Baghdad

The Prime Minister of Iraq, Mustafa al-Kazemi has promised to punish those responsible for the murder of an expert on security and counter-terrorism Hisham al-Hashimi, who was shot Monday night in Baghdad is unknown, the Agency INA.

As reported earlier, sources in the security agencies of Iraq, a group of armed men on two motorcycles shot and killed al-Hashimi near his home in the East of the capital, he died in the hospital, where he was taken after the attack. He was 47 years old.

Iraqi Prime Minister fired his national security Advisor

The Prime Minister of Iraq, Mustafa al-Kazemi was released from the post of adviser on national security and the acting head of the national security Council Faleh al-Fayyad, the leader of the people's militia, "al-Hashd al-SHAABI", said Saturday the Iraqi media.

"On the basis of the public interest and with the consent of the Prime Minister and commander of the armed forces (Mustafa al-Kazemi - ed.) ... decided to release Faleh Faisal Fahd al-Fayyad from the post of acting head of the national security Council," - said in the text of the decree published on the website of the TV channel Al-Sumaria.

Iraqi militia announced the arrest of two members of the IG leadership*

Forces of Iraqi militia, "al-Hashd al-SHAABI" detained two members of the leadership of the terrorist group "Islamic state"* in neighboring Syria, the province of Nineveh in Northern Iraq, said Monday the press service of the militia.

"The intelligence service, "al-Hashd" in Nineveh province arrested two members of the leadership of the IG*", - stated in the message. One of the detainees was responsible in particular for the manufacture of explosives in the province.