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US gave Uzbekistan the equipment for 25 thousand tests for coronavirus

The US centers for control and prevention (CDC) handed over to the Ministry of health of Uzbekistan the equipment and materials for conducting 25 thousand tests for detection of the novel coronavirus COVID-19, reported on Thursday a press-service of the U.S. Embassy in the Republic.

"CDC donated to the Ministry of health of Uzbekistan medical and laboratory equipment and consumables in the amount of 902 thousand dollars, which will allow the country to spend 25 thousand tests COVID-19 with the use of modern equipment for polymerase chain reaction (PCR)", - said in a release from the Embassy.

In Ukraine to the national anti-corruption policy included foreigners

The President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky has approved the personal composition of the National Council for anti-corruption policy, as observers and consultants, it included a number of foreigners, a decree published Monday on the website of the President.

"To determine that the work of the National Council for anti-corruption policy can take part as international observers and advisors: David Bernstein is a leading expert on public sector, world Bank in Ukraine (by consent)

Why do Americans BioLAB in Central Asia and the Caucasus

"The United States was implementing a military-biological activity around the world, including along our borders," — said Sergey Lavrov at the meeting of foreign Ministers of the CSTO. Moscow has long been concerned about biological security of neighbouring countries. In Kazakhstan, Armenia and Tajikistan, the Americans established a network of biological laboratories. Especially many questions from the Russian authorities to the center the name Lugar in Georgia. Why is all this necessary Washington understood RIA Novosti.

The first infection with coronavirus in Kazakhstan was recorded at the beginning of March. Authorities have closed the border and imposed a state of emergency. On the Internet rumors that the virus may be associated with the bio-laboratory, which in 2016 on the South-East of the country built by the Americans.