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In Pakistan during a clash with militants killed four military

Four Pakistani soldiers were killed in a clash with militants during antiterrorist operation in the North Waziristan district on the Afghan border, were eliminated four terrorists, according to Pakistani inter-service public relations (ISPR).

The statement of service notes that the military on Sunday morning carried out the operation "clean-up" shelter terrorists. The militants opened fire when the military came to their lair and surrounded him. As a result, "the security services killed all identified terrorists."

Media: the Taliban do not intend to stop fighting before the talks

Radical movement "the Taliban" is not going to stop fighting to start inter-Afghan talks, according to the TV station 1TV News, citing a representative of the Taliban Zabiulla Mujaahid.

Earlier on Sunday, a representative of the President of Afghanistan Sedik Sedici urged the Taliban to renounce violence and accept this participation in the peace process.

In Afghanistan killed four members of the security forces

The four members of the security forces died in the attack in Baghlan province in the North-East of Afghanistan, ten people were injured, reported local TV channel Tolo News.

The incident occurred on the highway in Baghlan-Samangan. The source channel reported that militants of the radical movement "Taliban" attacked the security forces.

Commando Captain America killed himself

Senior Sergeant special forces airborne Andrew Christian Marchesano nicknamed Captain America killed himself in front of the couple, reports FoxNews.

A man was six times in Afghanistan and many other hot spots. He recently moved to Washington to begin work at the Pentagon. Friends with whom he served, compared Marchesano superhero comic book Captain America. According to them, the man was never able to recover after tours in Afghanistan.

In Afghanistan, the bombing of the car, six people were killed

Six civilians were killed and another eight injured as a result of blasting of the mined car in the Afghan province of Ghazni, reports TV channel Tolo News, citing the press Secretary of the Governor of the province of Vahiguru Jumazade.

According to a spokesperson, the incident occurred approximately at 16: 00 local time (14.30 GMT) in the district Jaghatu. Jumazade said that the bomb on the car mounted the militants of the radical movement "Taliban".

In Afghanistan, a soldier was killed in a bomb blast

One soldier of the national Directorate of security of Afghanistan has killed at least three others injured in bomb attack in Paktia province in the East of the country, according to the Agency Pajak, citing the police.

As reported by the provincial chief of police, Colonel Kamran Lotfallah, the incident occurred on Saturday morning. The injured soldiers were taken to hospital.

About 70 per cent of the Afghan parliamentarians were infected with coronavirus

Most of the deputies of the National Assembly of Afghanistan - from 60 to 70 % were infected with coronavirus infection, said the TV station 1TV News, citing sources in the Afghan Parliament.

In addition, a source in one of the private hospitals in Kabul told the TV station that the clinic for test-taking COVID-19 was visited by several members of the government and a number of parliamentarians, and the results were positive.

The attack of the Taliban in southwestern Afghanistan killed a police officer

One policeman was killed and six captured militants of the radical movement "Taliban" who attacked a checkpoint in Farah province in southwest Afghanistan, told RIA Novosti the representative of the local authority.

According to a member of the provincial Council of Dully Cana, the Taliban attacked a security forces post Sayed Abad late on Friday evening.

In Georgia, the number of cases COVID-19 reached 973

The number of identified cases of coronavirus in Georgia per day increased by five and reached 973, recovered two others, reported on a special government website to monitor the disease.

In quarantine mode is 4851 people under observation in hospitals - a total of 231 patients. Arrived from foreign countries to treat citizens of Georgia began on 28 more, all of them soldiers, members of NATO mission in Afghanistan.

The Pentagon has not received reports about the "conspiracy" of Russia with the Taliban

The Secretary of defense mark Esper stated that he had not received reports about the "reward", which was allegedly paid Russia the Afghan Taliban for attacks on American soldiers.

"As I recall, I have not received reports that included the word "remuneration," said Esper at hearings in Committee on armed forces U.S. house of representatives.

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