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European rabbis have supported the boycott of Facebook brands

The Board of rabbis of Europe (CPE) supported a boycott of Facebook global brands due to the fact that the social network, in their opinion, idle in relation to the propagation and incitement of hatred, reported RIA Novosti in the press service WED.

Some of the largest brands in the world, including Coca-Cola, Adidas, Ford, Unilever, and others, have announced a boycott of Facebook because of the inaction of social networks in the dissemination and incitement to hatred. Their protest of the Corporation expressed by abandoning paid advertising on the platform. To join the campaign and Jewish organizations from Europe and the United States, in particular, the anti-defamation League (ADL American Jewish non-governmental human rights organization) and the rabbinical Council of Europe (CPE).

Media: a number of major companies suspended their advertising in Facebook

The Adidas company with its subsidiary Reebok, as well as the auto giant Ford and several other companies joined the boycott Facebook, halting advertising in its social networks, told television channel CNBC.

According to him, until the end of July to suspend advertising in Facebook and Instagram of Adidas and Reebok, which announced its intention to develop criteria that will make both themselves and their partners "responsible for creating and maintaining a safe environment". Ford in the next 30 days also will not post ads to assess their presence on platforms Facebook.

The Adidas urged to check the response to racial problems in the company

Employees of Adidas appealed to the leadership of the company calling to verify the approach to racial issues in the workplace and to create an anonymous platform where employees can report on racism and discrimination, according to CNN.

It is clarified that the group of employees from Germany, USA, Australia, and Panama sent a letter to the authorities demanding to test how the head of Department on work with staff Karen Parkin respond to racial problems in the company. In addition, the staff advocated the creation of a platform for anonymous reports of racism and discrimination.

Forbes named the most highly paid international stars

The ranking of the highest paid stars in the world headed, earning $ 590 million, model Kylie Jenner, according to Forbes.

"The highest paid stars in the world of steel model Kylie Jenner, rapper Kanye West and tennis player Roger Federer. Together, participants earned a rating of 6.1 billion dollars - 200 million dollars less than last year", - stated in the message.