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In Boston will remove a monument to Lincoln, which abolished slavery

The government of the U.S. Boston has decided to remove from the Park in the city centre the monument, which depicts the 16th U.S. President Abraham Lincoln, in which the country had abolished slavery, and bent a knee African American.

"Today the art Commission of Boston voted unanimously to reduce the fine bronze elements of the Memorial of emancipation with its location in Park Square," - said in a statement to the Commission.

Washington has protected the monument from the Lincoln due to calls for its demolition

U.S. law enforcement authorities installed a fence around the monument in the Park of Washington, depicting former American President Abraham Lincoln near bent a knee African American, after protesters called for the demolition of the monument, reports the Washington Post.

As the newspaper notes, previously protesters have announced plans to gather at the memorial on Thursday and Friday evening. According to the newspaper, it is unknown about whether the participants demonstrators hold a rally about it or to demolish the monument.

In the West demand to close the "newspaper racists". Russia has accused

In the struggle with the colonial past of Western countries, the initiative group demanded the closure of the British daily newspaper the Guardian.

The petition, published a few days ago, already scored under 20 thousand signatures.

Boston authorities can dismantle the monument to Abraham Lincoln

The authorities of the American of Boston is considering the possibility to remove the monument to the 16th US President Abraham Lincoln, in which the country had abolished slavery, according to local news portal Boston.com with reference to the office of mayor Marty Walsh.

As reports the edition, the mayor of Boston "supports" the calls to remove the memorial of Abraham Lincoln, which is located in a Park in the city centre, amid the growing popularity of the petition on its demolition. We are talking about the emancipation Memorial, which depicts Lincoln standing with his hand on the black man standing beside him on his knees with broken shackles on her wrists.