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In Egypt I see no mechanisms for the peaceful settlement of the crisis in Libya

Despite the presence of the foundations for the peaceful resolution of the conflict in Libya, a clear implementation mechanisms not yet, said the foreign Minister of Egypt Sameh shoukry.

Shukri on Monday discussed the Libyan crisis with a colleague from Saudi Arabia Faisal bin Farhan. The Egyptian Minister said at a joint press conference with Osama bin Farhan that during the meeting they discussed issues of bilateral cooperation between the two countries.

"No red lines". What keeps Turkey and Egypt from the war in Libya

The Egyptian Parliament gave to the head of state Abdel Fattah al-Sisi the right to use armed force in Libya — Cairo supports the General Haftarot, whose army controls Eastern part of the country. In response, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan intensified assistance to the Government of national consensus Faiza Saraga in Tripoli. Brewing Turkish-Egyptian clash. Who will be able to reconcile the parties of the confrontation, understood to RIA Novosti.

General Khalifa Haftar and his Libyan national army (LNA) hold the towns of Sirte and al-Dzhufra where is located oil terminals, through which Europe takes the main export commodity of Libya — hydrocarbons. The national consensus government (NTC), headed by Faiz by Sarraj made an unsuccessful attempt to knock out power LNA. The situation changed after the intervention of Turkey.

Macron has called for sanctions to settle in Libya

The President of France Emmanuel macron called for sanctions against the powers involved in the conflict in Libya because such measures, in his opinion, will help to achieve resolution of the situation.

According to him, France will endeavour to further settlement of the conflict in Libya. The French leader also stressed that Europe should "carefully consider the topic of security in the Mediterranean".

Algeria has defended the integrity of Libya, said foreign Minister

Algeria supports the territorial integrity of Libya, the only way to solve the crisis is through political dialogue, said the Minister of foreign Affairs of Algeria, Sabri Boukadoum.

"We came to a common opinion concerning the Libyan crisis - and there will be no military solution to this conflict. We confirmed the most important aspect - the unity of Libya and territorial integrity of Libya. The only way to resolve the crisis is through a political dialogue. You must respect the integrity and sovereignty of the Libyan state, it is necessary to use as the basis for political dialogue as the main principle (the settlement)," said Boukadoum at a briefing in Moscow after his talks with Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

Lavrov commented on the situation in Libya and Syria

The settlement of the situation in Libya, Syria and other crises is only possible with consideration of a balance of interests of the parties and the non-interference of external players, said Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

"From this standpoint alone can address such crises as Syria, the middle East peace process, referring to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, the situation in Mali and in the Sahara-Sahel region, and, of course, the Libyan conflict, which today we devoted special attention," - said Lavrov.

The authorities of the East of Libya, explained why the tribes asked for help from Cairo

The tribes of Libya asked Egypt to intervene in the situation in the country due to the lack of choice on Turkey, said to RIA Novosti, the Ambassador of the Libyan Parliament in the East of the country in EU, UK, USA and African Union Aref Ali Nayed.

On Monday, the deputies of the Egyptian Parliament has unanimously approved sending the military potential of the country to perform combat missions outside Egypt in the West. According to the Egyptian Constitution, the President can declare war or to send Egyptian troops to perform combat missions outside the country after obtaining the consent of Parliament.

The EU considers the threat of the threat of military intervention in Libya

The European Union considers dangerous threats of military intervention in the Libyan conflict and calls for an end to "calls to action" on the part of the regional force, said in a Tuesday written statement of the representative of the foreign service of the EU.

"Calls to action on the part of regional players in the Libyan conflict must cease. Threats to resort to military intervention threat," - said in a statement.

The Egyptian Parliament has approved the possible sending the military outside the country

The Egyptian Parliament on Monday unanimously approved sending the military potential of the country to perform combat missions outside Egypt, told state television the country.

"The Parliament has unanimously approved sending members of the armed forces of Egypt to perform combat missions outside the country to protect national security at the strategic Arab world against the armed gangs and foreign terrorists," - said gostv.

The President of Algeria has opposed arming Libyan tribes

The President of Algeria Abdelmajid Tebben said in an interview with local media that the weapons of Libyan tribes may lead to the fact that the situation in Libya will resemble what is happening in Somalia.

Tebben noted that the military solution to the Libyan crisis "will not solve any problems", it is preferable to engage in dialogue to discuss the way out of the situation.

The Egyptian Parliament extended the state of emergency

The Egyptian Parliament on Monday by majority vote extended for another three months a state of emergency operating in the country from 2017, reported the news Agency MENA.

Earlier, the relevant decree was signed by the head of state Abdel Fattah al-Sisi.

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