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Media: in Arizona began an investigation because of the slowing down your old iPhone

American Arizona leads the investigation against Apple to find out whether the slowdown in company old iPhone with violation of the legislation on unfair trade practices, reported Reuters, citing caught at his disposal documents.

The Agency notes that we are talking about the investigation, which continues at least October 2018, and involving several States. It is reported that investigators have asked Apple data of "unexpected shutdowns" smartphones and slowing down their work.

Arizona lit up the derailed train

The train derailed in the U.S. city of Tempe (Arizona), there was a strong fire, according to city police.

"Police and fire service Tempe at the scene of the train derailment and large fire over (lake) Tempe town lake. Traffic on some roads near Tempe town lake and West of the Tempe city center limited. Please avoid this area", - is spoken in the police message on Twitter.

Biden is ahead of trump by votes in three key States, poll

Former Vice-President and most likely Democratic party candidate in the presidential election, Joe Biden is ahead in the votes of incumbent President Donald trump in three key States - Arizona, Florida and Michigan, according to a survey by the firm SSRS, conducted on behalf of CNN.

In the South-Eastern US state of Florida, according to the poll, Biden gets 51% of votes, trump - 46%. Thus in southwestern Arizona Biden can get 49%, and the current us President - 45%. In Michigan, which is located in the heart of the American Great lakes, the gap is already pronounced: Biden may get 52% of the votes, while trump - 40%.

USA can't control the situation with COVID-19, Medvedev said

The United States is not able to control the development of coronavirus infection, it makes the overall situation on the planet is much less predictable, said Deputy head of the security Council of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev.

"While the Americans can not control the development of coronavirus infection, the number of cases is increasing. And that's too bad, because ultimately it is the overall situation on the planet making it much less predictable," he said in an interview with the publishing house "Komsomolskaya Pravda".

In Arizona back restrictions on coronavirus

Governor of Arizona Doug Dusi returned on Monday, the number of restrictions on the coronavirus because of the sudden outbreak of the disease.

In addition, it is forbidden to gather more than 50 people and called for "responsibly" to celebrate the US independence Day, staying home and not participating in major events.

USA announced record growth in the number of cases COVID-19 in the three States

Medical authorities in at least three States – Florida, Arizona and Nevada – reported a record increase of cases infected with coronavirus new type for the day, follows from the data of local branches of health departments.

The health Department of Florida reported that the state has recorded a new record of infections 9 636 cases in the last 24 hours. A day earlier, the physicians of the state have reported 8 831 new cases of infections, which was also a record. It is noted that for all the time in Florida had identified at least 132 545 infected, died, more than 3.4 thousand people.

Singer Brendon URI called the headquarters of the trump does not use his song

Lead singer of Panic! At the Disco Brendon URI called the campaign of the President of the United States Donald trump to stop using his songs during rallies.

"No one is not offered. Enough to include my song" - the musician wrote in his Twitter account, addressing the members of the election campaign trump.

In three us States has revealed a record number of cases COVID-19

The three U.S. States – Arizona, Texas and California – have registered on Tuesday a record number of cases of infection with coronavirus infection in days, follows from the data of local branches of health departments.

In Texas revealed for Tuesday, June 23, 5489 infected. In California the number of people infected per day also exceeded 5 thousand, and amounted to 5019 people. In Arizona during the day authorities discovered coronavirus 3591 people.

The Americans filed a lawsuit against American Airlines for racial discrimination

Dark-skinned resident of Arizona and another four people filed a joint lawsuit against American Airlines for racial discrimination after the African-American was removed from the flight, reports NBC News.

According to the channel, the incident occurred may 31 on a flight "Los Angeles- Phoenix" when African-American Elgin banks landing "politely asked whether all the seats on the plane and if it can change the place if you have available". On request, he replied that he will be able to change, when the fit ends. According to the lawsuit, several white passengers were able to change their place, and banks turned to the flight attendant, asking if he can move closer to the first rows.

In three States in the US registered a record number of new cases COVID-19

The States of Texas, Arizona and Florida once again this week registered a record number of cases of infection with the novel coronavirus during the day, follows from official data of the authorities of the States.

According to the Department of health of Arizona, in recent days in the state were registered 3246 infections, which is 700 higher than the previous record set on Thursday. Total number of cases in the state exceeded 46.6 thousands.

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