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Religious: prayer in the Aya Sofia - a blow to the Kemalists, not Orthodox

Prayers in Hagia Sophia after its conversion to a mosque are not a disaster for Christendom is a question rather political for a Turkish leader Tayyip Erdogan, but at the same time a blow to the "Greek messianism", the Director of the human rights center of world Russian people's Council religious expert Roman Silantyev.

Earlier in the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul started first after 1934 Friday prayers, Erdogan said the adhan (call to prayer).

Tweaks: the Deputy suggested that direct state intervention in the life of the Church

State law cannot take precedence over Canon law, with its own internal control system in the Russian Orthodox Church exists, said Tuesday RIA Novosti Deputy head of the world Russian people's Council (ARNS), Advisor to the Chairman of the state Duma Alexander Shchipkov.

Earlier, the state Duma Deputy Evgeny Marchenko has announced a new priests for criminal record and mental disabilities and to create in the Church a kind of analog of division of own safety of Ministry of internal Affairs. His appeal to the Moscow Patriarchate, he sent in connection with the activities prohibited in the service of chiyoumen Sergiy (Romanov), who refused to submit to Church authority.