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In Washington held a peaceful rally against racism

The death of 46-year-old African American George Floyd in Minneapolis at the hands of police triggered in US a wave of mass protests and unrest, which the country has not seen since the death of the iconic defender of the rights of blacks Martin Luther king in 1968.

A wave of popular anger and riots over Washington: if last Friday, the first day of protests, rallies and pickets at the White house were peaceful, in the next two days, the bullies started throwing firecrackers and bottles at police, burn cars, beat Windows. At the end of riots detained hundreds of people, including policemen were injured.

The Pushkin Museum will celebrate the birthday of the classic of online marathon

State Museum named after Alexander Pushkin will celebrate the birthday of the great Russian poet online marathon.

"Unfortunately, this year the Museum will celebrate the holiday closed for visitors doors. Mode isolation continues, and all cultural institutions are still closed. But we have a new opportunity to communicate with visitors online," said he.

"Pushkin dictation" for the sixth time will be held around the world

International educational campaign "Pushkin dictation" for the sixth time to host the birthday of the poet on June 6, but for the first time online, according to the organizers.

International Russian language day is celebrated on 6 June, the birthday of the poet Alexander Pushkin. Russian language is one of the official languages of the UN, therefore, sounds in the course of events in the organization on a par with English, Chinese, French, Arabic and Spanish.